Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Homophobia isn't very alpha

The convos that we do have on the internet. Anyone who reads me much knows I'm not really too stuck on the great alpha-vs-beta discussion that runs rampantly through the PUA, MRA, Red Pill, "buy my fucking self help book", "read my militant right-wing blog" DNA of the . . . whatever the fuck it is you even want to call the undersexed primal scream of young guys on the internet in the year 2013. The right-wing slant of these modern day aspiring men's movements has a tendency to open them to accusations of homophobia.

First off, let's just cut off the cancerous portions of the argument right from the start. The Reddit / Seddit / Red Pill subreddit stuff is all pretty much sour grapes from the 13-25 demo males who can't get laid. Just like any short bus full of fuck-ups who have too much testosterone and nothing to ejaculate it into besides their trusty socks, they're homophobic as fuck. Why? Because teenage boys use "smear the queer" as a social signalling behavior. It basically amounts to "I'm not a queer because I was mean to a queer". It's trading cheaply on cheap social signals, and like any such act should be ignored. Also: kids are fuckin dumb.

Second, the really right-wing shit . . . For those who know the subject, I'm talking Chateau Heartiste, basically. That shit? That shit is some fucked-up neofascist propaganda that has a deeper agenda than getting 17 year old virgins laid. Some bait is just feeding pigeons in the park. Some bait is fuckin crab trap. And that's what that horseshit is: it's a fuckin neonazi crab trap that's probably tied to some group of Tea Party fuckheads who fancy themselves to be Republican operative and would loudly proclaim that they're not racist at all!

The one thing that I always hate about this entire conversation is that I'm about as far left on the American political spectrum as anyone who has ever been willing to associate with PUA, MRA, etc. will go. The thing is, I see the division of gender as a meaningful fact that doesn't necessarily have to render me a completely hateful asshole. Or, more accurately, I don't necessarily have to translate my own personal and highly fucked up issues with women into a full political movement intended to deprive them of access to contraception and abortion. My fucked up life doesn't need to be the genesis of a fucked up political ideology.

Anyhow . . . more to the point . . .

It isn't very alpha to smear the queer.

Humor the idea of the dominant-submissive spectrum in human behavior, and yet please try to be mature enough to accept that it's just a framework to hang ideas on and not an incontrovertible truth of the universe. Alpha male behavior is, in this framework, the idea that you;re so comfortable in your dominance that it exudes everywhere. This is summarized in the notion that "confidence is sexy".

Homophobia, when you get right down to it, is an astonishingly tasteless act that displays a complete lack of confidence in one's own hetero masculine identity. It isn't confident and therefore it sure as shit isn't alpha. A properly and absurdly confident and dominant male could adopt a gay male orbiter for laughs if he wanted to. (Seems like a rather unethical form of cock-teasing, but there probably is a meet-up on Fetlife with a couple gay dudes who would devour that sort of submissive unsexed role play!! Ah . . . life in the year 2013 . . . sexual liberation and  . . .still . . . no . . . flying . . . car.)

The well-formed alpha male should be confident against all possible iterations of the human condition. And he should not express revulsion toward anything that doesn't present any level of meaningful threat to him. Which, since he is after all the fully formed alpha male, basically means a grizzly bear with a samurai sword and a deep thirst for human blood.

The important thing to realize is that the pursuit of alpha-ness is a bit of a disordered behavior. In its ideal form, alpha should be something that you can only achieve through losing certain weaknesses. It should be somewhat zen-like. Would you rather be fast and effortless or slow and cocooned in armor?

The true alpha doesn't need shit like homophobia as armor to protect him from a possible queer encounter. He welcomes all comers to the party, and if he really, really just can't knock down enough booze and MDMA to fuck another dude, he's still gonna be chill enough to try to help his brand new queer friend get laid. Truth is, in a properly alpha world the Bro Code should require all alpha to help their queer friends hook-up just as readily as we find ways to help our straight friends hook-up. Hell, who are we kidding -- we have a greater obligation to help our queer friends get laid because goddammit they have a tougher load to pull in this world not being able to open up to every guy they might like! That's a shit deal that any guy trolling the PUA blogs trying to find ways to land pussy should be able to appreciate!

Homophobia among true heterosexuals -- yes, I know, a questionable concept in its own right --  is grounded in the idea that pussy is the measure of all things. Obtain pussy or go home. Is that really all there is to being a man? That's your entire concept . . . you're just a semen-delivery mechanism stuck on repeat? Wow. That must make a slow Tuesday evening with no pussy depressing as fuck.

Here's another way to put it. If you think Charles Manson or Mike Tyson is alpha, then you're probably a homophobic fucktard with some deep down fears about your own masculinity, virility, and heterosexuality.

There's gotta be more to being a man than just throwing a chart up on the wall and declaring someone the winner of the poon Olympiad. To be human is to be able to choose to shape your own reality and share that vision with others in a meaningful and productive manner. That's gotta count for something.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The core difference between men and women

There are more than few differences between the genders, but the big one, in my experience, can be summarized in the phrase "You go girl!"

Despite the fact that, from everything I've ever seen, women are vastly more competitive with each other than men are, women are basically validation sponges. Female peer groups engage in a perverse system of saying "You go girl!" to each others' faces while constantly knifing each other in the back.

Men are almost the complete reverse. Male peer groups basically brutalize each other face-to-face while secretly being supportive. Men will beat each other down for laughs, but when there's really something at stake they can pull it together and cheer for each other in order to accomplish something.

Consider this scenario for each gender . . .

A friend has had a long sexual drought. You haven't. Someone hot comes along and the friend is clearly in with said hot person.

How does this play out if you and your friend are men looking at a hot chick? Men will pull together to ensure the guy in the drought gets the hot chick, by hook or by crook.

And if it's women? Fuck you, pig-friend, and fuck your drought too! The chick who isn't in the drought is going to torpedo her unfortunate friend with everything she has in the hope of taking the guy.

In truth, this is why men run the world. There simply isn't anything close the idea of Man Law on the female side of the equation. Guys look out for their friends. Hell, I've passed on sure ass just to let guys who were more of acquaintances have a shot. There is a Bro Code. There is no equivalent Ho Code. The female view is basically "fuck you, darling, I have the goods and I can get the guy".

At the same time, women are constantly sponging adulation from their friends. In fact, every female peer group has a queen bee whose sole reason for being is to soak up support. And the friends around her take their lumps in order to be "in" with one of the cool kids. The great female fear is being left without peers, even if it means being eaten alive on a daily basis by some group of vile bitches who are secretly cheering for you to fail. Somehow, apparently, enough "you go girl" cries make up for those wonderfully specific moment where some bitch will take your man.

And that, at the base of the problem, is the difference between men and women.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Slow posting

Of late I've been focused on making money. Sorry for anyone who has been hoping to see some fresh posts. Honestly? Even the times I've been our lately have been largely uninteresting. Shit, even the drunken fights that I'm always a fan of watching at 2am have been watered down of late.

When I'm in a stable patch, the really good stuff never happens. The fun stories always arise when I'm sick, tired, broken down completely and limping to the finishing line. That's always how life works for me. I had pneumonia the only time I ever had a threesome! I swear women find me vastly more attractive when I'm dragging ass, wheezing and on the verge of dying. Don't ask me why. I assume it's psychological, since it runs contrary to basic evolutionary theory.

So there's not much to say. On the bright side, the winter flu season is upon us. So that could be a hoot.