Sunday, January 6, 2013

Google LOLs

I was looking through the last day's search queries and I noticed some LOLs were to be had.

1.  "why do women put up with aloof men"

AND . . .

2.  "why do women give aloof guys such a hard time"

This reminds me of an old Woody Allen joke about a couple that goes to a therapist.  The wife says something to effect of "OMG, my husband is a sex crazed monster.  He wants to have sex all the time, sometimes three or four times a week!"  The husband says, "OMG, our relationship is almost sexless.  We're only having sex three or four times a week!"

Yup.  Why do women put up with guys they give a hard time?  Life's great mysteries.

I like to believe these search queries were generated by a young couple sorting out a long-term relationship on their way to eventual marriage.

A fella can dream, right?