Saturday, January 18, 2014

I should rename the blog

I think we should start calling the blog "Ragefest for Bitches Who're Angry About Guys Being Mean to Them and Are Going to Yell at the Aloof Guy Since That Sexy, Distant Guy They're Pining for Stopped Returning Her Texts".

OMFG, ladies . . . please . . . shut . . . the fuck . . . up.

I get it. You're going to say a bunch of mean shit to me because I made you haz a sad by telling you the truth about men being mean to you.

Seriously, if you have nothing valid to contribute but your own rage and your desire to put me in my place by telling me that I'm a nice little boy who you'd chew up and spit out, please, please consider giving your vibrator one more hit and then curling up with your cat while reading 50 Shades for the fifth time in a year.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 state of the blog

I never imagined that this blog would attract any attention. Much of my reasoning for writing what I write is to just barf it out there. So I'm always mildly amused, impressed, and weirded out when other people try to make sense of it.

I figure the blog's been up a while, and it might be worth going over some thoughts about where it's at now . . . here goes . . .

So many female readers

If there's one thing that disturbs me most, it's that this blog attracts a largely female readership. Nothing here is written from a female perspective or for a female audience. So the only reasonable answer I can imagine for why that might be is that a lot of women have a taste for angry, distant men that treat them like shit. Not that that's a particularly novel discovery, but it never quite ceases to amaze me.

Upset female readers

When I say this, I'm mostly referring to this post: Why are men so aloof and mean to the the girls they love?

One thing that really pisses me off about the female readership of this blog is that they're not looking for any real insights into dealing with a real relationship. They're just hoping that someone will hand them a quick trick for unlocking some aloof guy who they wanna bang.

It's disappointing. As this blog goes along, it becomes more and more a cautionary tale.

Except that begs the question, "Who the fuck am I bothering to caution?"

It's not like women want to be cautioned. When a chick wants to fuck a guy -- and especially when she wants to unlock an aloof guy and fuck him -- all bets are off. Women complain that men only have enough blood to operate their brain or their dick at any one time, but I've seen little evidence that women are any better. Guys may get stupid for more random girls, but when women get stupid for a specific guy it's pretty goddamned scary compared to how guys are.

I do wish they'd take some time to appreciate that it's not my job to help them better embrace their own pathology.

What the hell are the male reader doing?

This blog may be written from a male perspective, but I honestly have no fucking clue what most of the male readers are up to.

My anger toward women who've been in my life

It never fails to astonish me how little women hold men accountable. For that matter, how little accountability figures into anything that women do when they like a guy. Sometimes I'm just thankful that I'm more of an avoidant than a sociopath, because I could leave behind a serious trail of wreckage if I were so inclined.

It's depressing because there comes a point where you simply realize that women serve no policing function in their own sex lives. They just don't give a fuck. If they want the guy, there's no limit to where they'll allow the game to go. It makes it hard, as a man, to look at women with any level of respect at all. Women simply don't take ownership of their sex lives or their relationships in any form.

If everything in your world lands at my doorstep, then please be aware that I consider the people who put those things at my doorstep to be complete pieces of shit. It is not possible to respect a person who doesn't take ownership of their own life. By definition, that means that it is not possible to respect the overwhelming majority of adult women.

Everything in a relationship stops with how a woman feels toward a guy on a sexual level. If he keeps her in a terrible emotional state, but she's still aroused by him, then nothing else matters. Frankly, it makes it very hard to see women as anything except the suppliers of a warm hole.

Mind you, outside the relationship arena I believe women have immense value. There are whole industries that I believe should be turned completely over to women (banking, in particular). Successful female leaders are generally of greater value to society than successful male leaders. Competent women are very useful creatures.

Just . . . for the love of gawd I wish the female sexual response worked in a manner more conducive to modern living.

My own aloofness

I would like to say it has improved. It hasn't. It's gotten worse.

I cannot bring myself to take the idea of a meaningful, long-term relationship with a woman seriously. Honestly? At this point in my life I find women so unbelievably laughable that I cannot picture allowing one to stake claim to half of my shit or have any say in how I go about my life. I have no clue why anyone would allow that to happen to themselves.

To be blunt, women are highly interchangeable. I could easily count on one hand the number of women I've known who I even remotely think were worth my time.

In truth, I simply do not get what the value proposition is supposed to be. What the hell use is a woman in a man's personal life? Why would any man want a relationship? I just don't see it. You're welcome to answer those questions in the comments.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to please your aloof man?

Saw this one in the search logs and just had to answer it . . .

You can't. An avoidant person craves distance. Pleasing them isn't going to please them.