Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This blog is game-adjacent, not game-oriented

Something I keep trying to emphasize, because I see it over and over in the search queries, is that this blog is not about some mystical PUA tactic called "aloof".  It isn't, because "aloof" is a terrible idea if your goal is to game women.  Just terrible.

This blog is just me sorting out some issues.  And, yes, I am aware of PUA, Game, and all the cetera alongside all that stuff.  It's not a focus.  But, it does inform my worldview.

On balance, I would consider myself fairly Game-less.  Most attractive guys in fact are.  And most aloof, attractive guys are worse than that: they're bored and they get off jerking women around.

I'm a weird guy.  And I get away with a lot of shit because a large enough segment of adult women want to fuck me that I can go out any night and get laid if that's my goal. 

Truth be told, even non-adult women hit on me.  Last week I was standing in line at the butcher's shop.  There was a woman standing there with her two teenage daughters.  The oldest one looked maybe 17, had kind of a hot volleyball chick thing going on with a dash of corn-fed blond girl.  She was going all-in on the over-the-shoulder lookies at me and horny hair pulls while giggling with her sister and giving the "you know" look to her.  On a level, it was disgusting.  But, there was also a narcissistic side of me that quite enjoyed the attention, even if the attention arose from a clever plan that would have put me in jail if I saw it through to completion. 

(For those playing the home game, I'm 34.  So, yeah, I'm rocking it out pretty hard these days.  I've spent six months killing the workout regimen.  And now I get creepy advances from 17 year olds.)

My point . . .?  My point is that you don't want to treat anything I tell you here as a guide on how to game women.  I'm that odd breed of aloof, attractive, distant, cocky, mean, off-putting . . . all that shit women say they hate, but secretly love. 

The distinction between you and I, dear reader, is that I can get away with that shit for months on end and still have a woman pining for me.  For most guys, that shit isn't gonna fly.  If women don't already come pre-activated for you, aloof is a dangerously stupid approach to gaming them.  Evasive is great if you're not invisible to women.  It's an absolute disaster if they're not already looking.

Remember: aloof guys can teach you some basic facts about women.  But, at some point you have to factor in that we're just damage attractive guys.  Don't read too much into our fucked-up approach and for the love of gawd don't parrot our behavior.


  1. Your column is humorous, surprisingly eloquent for someone dating on fairly low IQ dating sites, but it is true the better looking ones are on Match and PoF- EHarmony is full of bowwows.

    You are aloof and hot so you get away with it. A hot guy can get away with a lot. Or a rich guy. But a smart woman who has it going on will walk away from that stuff no matter how hot or rich-then what do you do? What if you meet one who is as hot as you?

    1. First off, thanks for commenting. In a rare turn of events, I caught a comment in a timely manner!!! I'm moderately proud of myself for that. (Blogger sucks at sending me comment moderation notices.)

      The what do you do question seems premised on the notion I need to do something. I don't.

      First off, a woman who is attracted to a guy is not acting intelligently. I have never seen a smart woman treat her sex life in a smart way. One of the smartest women I know -- she works in a mathematical field -- is the "other woman" to a married law enforcement official. Both she and the wife know about each other.

      So . . . that's what smart gets ya.

      As for hot. Same answer. When a woman is "on" for a guy, she doesn't act in her own best interests.

      Just speaking from experience.