Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Caribbean male prostitutes can teach you about women

One of the big differences between men and women is that women generally prefer a well-constructed lie that enables their behavior while men almost universally prefer a straight transaction.

Case in point: old British ladies not admitting to themselves that they're sex tourists. (HT: Alpha Game.)

Even when the truth is so fucking painfully obvious that it verges on self-parody, women prefer the lie.  This is why men struggle to understand women.  Women actually want to believe that they can fuck a hot foreign guy thirty years younger and thirty pounds lighter than them, give him economic benefit and that somehow this does not constitute prostitution.  They actually tend to call these guys their boyfriends.

Think about that for a minute.  The one thing that has to be said for the average John hiring a female prostitute is that at least the transaction is straight forward and no one has illusions about what's going on.  Sure, there are guys who really, really, really, really wish the whore was a GF.  But the most smitten John that ever lived is still far more realistic on average about the transaction that the average female who frequents as a sex tourist.

I love The Dr. Phil Show.  It's basically the closest thing to beta male provider porn you can ever watch on TV.  A nice, successful old Texas Christian who kisses his completely fucking useless wife's old ass spends day after day listening to nasty middle aged women either applaud their old man for caving in her orbital socket or trash him for trying to feed their kids.  It's basically every terrible thing the right wing manosphere says put on full fucking parade.

More on topic . . . I can remember this episode where this chick was talking about her internet BF from South Africa.  She's never met him in person.  She's wired him north of $100,000 over two years or so, IIRC.  The whole time Dr. Phil is exasperated and begging her to face reality.  And she never really breaks from the fiction that she's in love and her boyfriend in South Africa just needs some help straightening out some business stuff.

FUCKIN REALLY BITCH?!?!?!?!111?!?!?!?interrobang?!!?!?!?!?

In that context, suddenly the broads flying to Negril to get a piece look sensible.  At least they're actually getting the dick before they hand over too much cash.

Here's the money item from the article:

In 2001, research based on 240 interviews with women on the beaches of Negril and two similar resorts in the Dominican Republic suggested that almost a third had engaged in sexual relationships  with local men in the course of their holiday.

Of those 80 women, nearly 60 per cent admitted there were ‘economic elements’ to their relationships, but they did not think of themselves as sex tourists, or their sexual partners as prostitutes.

Only 3 per cent said their relations were ‘purely physical’, and more than half considered them to be about ‘romance’.

Understand what this tells you as a guy who may want to seduce a woman.  Identify her core lie -- her internalized dream -- and mindlessly drill that motherfucker until it is numb.  Whatever is the great romantic lie she tells herself, it is your mission in life to mine that motherfucker and bring it to the surface, polish it and put it on full display.

That may sound a bit sociopathic, but it's also the damned truth.  There's no reason you have to abuse that to exploit women -- although you certainly can if you're so inclined, or just happen to be a Dominican kid in need of a buck!  You could also just decide to use that to become a more understanding partner better adapted to her emotional needs.  That's also worth a try.  You are allowed to use these powers for good -- remember that.

Some of the best Game-related advice I've seen posted in a while

Teach Her Something

This takes me back to my college days, when my best success with women always came from from study rooms and computer labs.  One thing you have to appreciate is that most of the human race and the vast majority of women are submissive.  If you guide a woman through something, it instantly buys you alpha cred.

I have said before (and will repeat it again) that the great female sexual fantasy is essentially a supportive and non-judgmental big brother with sexual benefits.  She wants you to protect her.  She wants you to guide her.  She doesn't want you to tell her.  And she definitely doesn't want to have to tell you.  That is the great female sexual fantasy in sum.

The "teach her something "approach is a great first step toward fulfilling that fantasy.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What socialization is like for me

A lot of times I think I should stop throwing the word "aloof" around so much and start using the term "high function autistic".  Although, from experience, I can tell you that a lot of aspies and autistics are quick to throw a shit fit on me if I include myself among them.  To the person who cannot socialize at all, my level of function looks like a blessing.  For my part, I think it's worse, simply because I am tantalizingly close to a normal level of function, but still far enough away from it to know I'll never really obtain it.

What makes it really painful is when I hit that moment of realization with a woman trying to flirt with me when she suddenly gets the "oh . . . so this is how you're gonna be" look on her face.  It usually happens when I fail to escalate as quickly as women expect me to.  Which continues to astonish the hell out of me because, short of just going ahead and actually physically raping them right on the dance floor without even saying hello, I really don't know what faster pace I should be going for.

What's painful for me is that I don't present to others as autistic.  Especially since I have gotten my shit together, I present as more of a successful guy who is dreadfully bored with the world around him.  That, in itself, is true, so never get me wrong on that account.  While it is true, it is not the whole truth.

The thing about socialization and sexualization for me is that my level of autisticness is like having a bum knee that can hold up for a couple hours.  The difference is that if you have a bum knee and you tell everyone to ease the fuck up so they don't have to carry you ten miles through the woods on a stretcher, people will accommodate that request.  If you have a bum socialization muscle, on the other hand, you're pretty much fucked.  Human beings have no issue slowing down a hike to let someone with a bum knee cope.  But humans value their brutal pace of socialization way too much to provide the same level of deference to a person who struggles to socialize.

That's what happens to me.  When I have to socialize, I try to rest my socialization muscle as much as I can.  I have to sit down and rest my socialization muscle every couple miles or the whole edifice just buckles and I can't hold it up anymore.

This can be difficult because people identify me in a lot of important social roles.  For example, I have the misfortune of being easily identified by bartenders as the older guy who can quell the young hotheads in one of my social circles.  So when one of them is being fucking stoopid, guess who gets stuck preventing an incident? 

When I'm being aloof, I do it as a public service.  Once my socialization muscle has buckled, I am the standard issue reactionary autistic who cannot stand anything.  This Saturday I was out with friends for an overly long time.  We started at 6:30 pm and did not fully disengage until 2:30 am.  Just after midnight, I physically threatened a friend I have known for years if he tried to touch me again.  Simply put, my socialization muscle had buckled.

Worse, in this case, I was on the hook to provide a ride for someone whose ride to the place had already left.  This had not been the plan, but people know me as someone who is easy to prevail upon for help.  Hell, by the time the night was over, we had helped two strangers start a car, also.  Aspies can't stand to see something not work.  Consequently, we're quick to provide aid simply so we can wipe the non-functioning thing from our minds.  Likewise, we don't see any social downside or personal danger in dealing with stranger.  So it's just very normal to us to go through life tinkering and fixing and fucking with things and trying to make shit work.

But it all puts pressure on that socialization muscle.  The socialization muscle just keeps getting red and sore and starts to suffer catastrophic failure in a matter of minutes.  It's like watching a bad disaster movie where you can see one crack in the bridge.  Then a suspension cable goes flying.  Then a whole section just drops into the bay.  Then the whole fucking starts collapsing as everyone goes running for their lives.

The worst part is that I am incredibly practiced at socialization.  Frankly, I'm very good at it.  Particularly when I was in my late 20s and was trying to build my business, I had to get good at it.  It was a swim or die proposition.  I just couldn't go through life being a broken autistic fuck-up who could never hold down a real job.  Something had to give.

In the process of building a business, you talk to people.  Lots of people.  You cold call to generate leads.  Leads mean meetings, contracts, designing things, and so on and so on ad nauseum. 

The two hour mark was always meetings started getting bad for me.  That or the out of the blue "why the hell isn't this the way I want it" phone call.  Or the person who thought they were going to give me a lashing after I apologized.  At that point, I just don't give a fuck.  I've been threatened with law suits, various acts of tortious interference, and flat out financial ruin for non-compliance.  And my default answer is always the same: fuck you, do it.

Eventually this evolved into a flat policy of shedding bad clients.  And then as I made more money, I started shedding whole sections of the business simply because they only attracted people that fucking annoyed me.  Eventually it all got to the point where the business proved surprisingly self-sustaining with a very limited set of loyal clients.  And then I expanded out into other sides that required less direct human interaction.

The thing is that all that practice doing business trained me to feel the moment that my socialization muscle is about to buckle.  I'm very sensitive to when that's about to happen.  Oddly, it tends to just anger me more knowing this because I feel like that people who know me and claim to care about should know better than to keep laying the burden on that socialization muscle.  They don't, of course, because humans getting their dopamine fix from fun times and chatting and circle jerking about pointless shit don't care.

That's what socialization is like for me.  It's like having a bum knee and watching some asshole decide to throw an additional 30-pound pack on my back right at the moment I absolutely know the knee is going to buckle.  It's one of the primary reasons that I resent other human beings and prefer to be left alone.  So now you know.

Three mistakes women make when interpreting men

I posted an item just before this on the topic of "do guys prefer girls who are mysterious?"  (I'll save you clicking the link.  The answer is "fuck no".)

I don't really begrudge women their total inability to read men.  Why?  Because at the end of the equation, the game is so thoroughly configured around the guy approaching the girl that you cannot honestly expect women to have enough practice approaching men to be even remotely effective at it.  Frankly, the game atrophies women's approach muscles.  Life is a very "use it or lose it" proposition and women are pretty much never asked to use cold approach skills.

This of course leads to the obnoxious propensity women have for trying to induce aloof men into approaching them.  They'll walk past you.  They'll orbit around you.  They'll try to frustrate you into opening them.  They'll sit right next to you and stare at you like a low-functioning psychopath.  They'll do a lot of dumb shit while maintaining the plausible deniability that generally goes with being a girl interested in guy.

This leads to a lot of mistakes.  Let's just list them.

1. Thinking he's into you when he's not

Women do this a lot.  Or they over-rate how interested a guy might be in them.  This can get very out of hand, because some women simply don't know how to let go once they've become enamored with a guy who isn't reciprocating.

Likewise, women tend to get very hot for attractive guys who are not instantly all over them right away.  And this leads to trying to sucker the guy into making a big demonstration of interest to satiate her ego.  Women don't like a guy not being interested in them, even if they in turn intend to then reject him.  This is where the claim that women are cock teases and attention whores comes from.  That claim floats out there, because frankly it's fucking true.  Women will tool a guy just to get the validation of him no longer ignoring her and then decide to take revenge on him by ignoring him.

And women will orbit like lost puppy dogs around a guy they like.  Women looooove the idea that deep down that distant guy has some really dark, scary reason he can't love her and if she can just show him the light, his beautiful soul will come pouring out to her (preferably from the end of his dick, thrusting repeatedly for about ten to fifteen minutes). Nothing quite fires a girl up like the image of a distant and attractive loner who just doesn't know how to love.  And, of course, you can guess whose job it is to teach him.  That's you, sugar tits.  Duh?  Who else would it be?  One of Those Other Bitches who doesn't know to love him like you do?  That's not how love works at all, right?!

Well, guess what ladies?  That's a mistake.  And you're going to piss away way too much of your life trying to make something happen where nothing is going to happen.

2. Thinking there must be a valid reason the guy can't act on his burning desire for you and that's the real reason he's not approaching you

Women rationalize why an attractive man will not approach them.  Remember, as I've said before, women have a score of themselves inside their head, and they expect your behavior to conform to how previous men like you have treated them.  This is a commandment of my blog: how she rates herself matters more to her than how you rate her.

The thing is, when you fail to conform to her model of male response to her, she doesn't just jump to "oh, I guess I lost a step, maybe I should put down the Kripsy Kreme and go a run a mile".  That's what a man would do.  That or just called her bitch and go home and have a good cry while calling other losers faggots on Xbox Live.

Nope.  A woman will create a rationalization.  Take the chick who blurted out "You're married" to me when things got too intense on the dance floor.  I had tortured her for weeks with my aloof approach to women and finally threw her bone by giving her a cocky smile and some hardcore dirty dancing.  She couldn't take it.  Not "are you married?" or "you've gotta be married".  Flat out "you're married".  For those who haven't read the blog, not only am I not married, I've never even been anywhere close to marriage or any other kind of long-term relationship!

The thing is, women never ever consider an explanation that exceeds the parameters of their present ego state.  If she thinks she deserves you and you're not doing what she wants you to, she will invent an explanation from whole cloth.  This chick, after weeks of trying to figure out why I wouldn't hit on her had decided I must be married.  Women insulate their egos from reality by rationalizations that amount to, "I'm attractive, so there must be a reason why I'm not getting the man I dreamed of."  This is where "guys are pigs, jerks, sexists, assholes, etc" logic starts.  Whatever reason guys aren't giving her what she wants doesn't actually matter to her.  Her ego must remain intact.

That said, ladies, it's a mistake.  If you're not getting the results you want in life, you should shut the fuck up and change your game.  Anything else is delusional and just perpetuates the same mistakes that are ruining your happiness.

3. Listening to other women about men

Nothing confuses all men more than wondering why the hell women listen to their competitors.  Let's be clear about something: no woman can ever have a healthy conversation about a man -- EVER! -- with another woman.  This includes your mom, your grandmother, your best friend, and your favorite sister.  They are all your competitors and they will undermine you at ever turn either to land your man or stroke their own egos.

My oldest niece, who is basically a daughter to me, is an attractive girl.  In fact, she's disgustingly close to being My Type.  She's married to a good man.  But her good man comes attached with as egotistical of a mother as you can imagine.

His mother is the typical gross, overly athleticized 40+ chick who will not just accept she has not only hit The Wall, but that little bloody pieces of whatever previous feminine charm she may have possessed are splattered all the fuck over The Wall.  She is engaged in a never-ending sexual affair with a married man who will not leave his wife.  In fact, in a monument to harem control, his wife actually picks him up from his mistress's  place!!!!!!  I've had to give her an extra dose of aloofness and ignoring, because she's made her interest in me known even though I find her positively repellent (broad shoulders, narrow hips, too tan, too leathery, small tits, mean-spirited drunk, no joy, awful parent -- Not My Type).

My niece suffers the ill fortune of having to listen to this woman tell my niece (5'3" tall, 115 lbs, full C cup, 36" ass) that she needs to get skinnier.  My niece has a fully formed ego.  Bitches can't tool her, I promise you that.  As the primary male role model in her life, I made fucking sure she grew up to be the kind of woman I'd actually want to marry.  She is fully aware that you don't let Other Bitches tool you for the benefit of their own egos.

The point here, ladies, is make sure you know that.  Don't listen to Those Other Bitches, because they're the competition.  They will tear you the fuck down in a heartbeat if they think you're close to doing better than them.  Don't let their fake ass offers of friendship fool you.  When it comes to their own egos and and the cocks their egos craves, women are never friends.  The same chick that watches your kids and feeds your cat will fuck your shit up in a millisecond if you cross the wrong side of her ego.

All advice women ever give you about men, your own appearance, your ego or your sexuality should be considered nothing but the fruit of a poison tree.

Field report

This may come as a surprise to readers of the blog, but I do actually have limits for how long I can torture a girl with aloofness without throwing her a bone.  Such a case occurred this weekend.  I was out at a bar that tends to be my place to decompress.  It's a little less attended than my go-to places, so I can put my feet up, drink and just cease to give a fuck about anything.

The last few weeks, this one chick has been there every single weekend.  And every time she spends the whole night talking and dancing with different guys only to then go home alone.  She has a kinda late 20s damaged bitch vibe to her.  But not really in a horrible "fuck off" bitch kinda way.  More of a "just been hurt too many times" sorta way.  She's very much my type physically.  5'3"-ish, maybe.  Wide hips, narrow waist, dark hair. But I have a tough time giving bitchy women any play.

Every night, she has tried to get my attention.  The one night she actually resorted to parking herself right in front of me, facing toward me.  Now, for the sake of plausible denial, she had her face down texting on her phone.  But she'd peek up to see if I was looking (I have killer peripheral vision, which makes being an aloof tease waaaaay too easy).  Another night she actually kinda hits on a friend of mine, then uses that as a pretense to sit down with the two of us.  She then proceeds to park her chair directly in front of me.  No talk with me and barely any with him, actually.  Just making sure to put herself directly in my field of view.

Friday night she resorts to standing in front of me and looking directly at me, then looking at the dance floor.  Pretty much the way a dog might point at his bowl when he wants fed. I'll admit, the hilarity of that thought got the better of me and the cocky smirk came out in full force.  Understand this: women cannot resist my cocky smirk when it is fully deployed. She walks over and asks me, "do you dance?"

I reply, "I suck at it."  This is not true at all.  I am an astonishingly accomplished dancer, especially if we're talking about getting sexual to anything hip hop, Latin, club, etc. In close proximity, it takes me about two minutes to get a woman into full "I don't normally do stuff like this with guys" mode.  I can be aloof, but make no mistake about what I do when I decide to engage.  I have no trouble going from cold open to kiss in under fifteen minutes.  And I will gladly commit what would be for a less attractive guy considered a full bore sexual assault in less than two minutes.

For whatever reason, I decided to give this chick the full works.  Fuck it.  She had earned it, IMHO.  I grinded her front and back and front again.  I took her hands and pulled her arms above her head and then slowly used my hands to caress her the whole way from wrists to upper thigh.  She got the deluxe package.

And holy shit did that break her.

She grabs my hand and nervously says, "I can't get into this. You're married."

I'd like to say I reacted like a normal person would.  But I didn't.  Once I commit to full sociopath mode with a woman, I can roll with anything.  I put my left hand up and asked her, "Do you see a tan line on my ring finger?"

Then I pulled her in close, stroked her hair and held her head against my chest.  Women love being held against my chest.  I kissed her ear and then I kissed her on top of her head.

It wasn't enough.  In fact, I think it made things worse.  The problem with emotionally damaged people is that they get scared shitless when they feel their emotions getting away from them.  I had crossed the trust barrier.  I was too good. Too good is fine when the chick really wants to go there.  But if it spikes her fear response -- especially if those fears are tied up with internal turmoil -- it will flame out fabulously.

I let her go.  We finished the song.  She disengaged.  I resorted to not pursuing. 

The best option at this point is to pursue a catch and release strategy.  She'll be back.  The trick next time is to go super soft.  No grinding, no dancing.  I'll give her the full "let's talk" game.  And she'll break.  I'll push her emotionally while not pushing her too far physically.  And she'll resist.  But she'll have a moment where she just barfs out her entire soul.  Women always have that moment with me after they've had that big physical moment.

That moment is what she's scared of having.  But with tough girls, you gotta break them emotionally.  And then it will all come pouring out.  After that, she's yours to do with as you please.  The hard part calibrating the emotional push to ensure you don't come of as pressing her into a confession.  You just want to "be there for her" at the moment that it happens.  Sure, you nudge.  But they're all just really afraid that if they admit too much you will never love them.

With these women, the key is to nudge them emotionally and then show them some soft physical affection.  Little kiss on the head stuff.  You want to be the big brother, not the guy trying to get a piece.  One of the great female fantasies about men is to have a guy who can be a non-judgmental big brother with a side helping of sexual benefits.

This one is not over.  And it's going to be a hell of a ride.  I'm on the cusp of one of my patented three week burst of sexuality and emotion with one woman that just leaves her completely drained.  Strangely, unlike other times in my past, I'm not dreading this.  I want to see what's on the other side of this tough girl's brave mask.  These girls and this type of supernova relationship are my specialty.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Do guys prefer girls who are mysterious?

This question comes from the logs.  So, let's answer this one nice and quickly:


Guys prefer girls who present youthfulness.  I won't go so far as to say guys prefer certain physical traits, because even those physical traits that men track should be seen as a subset of "signs of youthfulness".  For me, as an example, a playful chick gets a lot of play from me.  I like energy in a woman.  I like joie de vivre.

Every woman constantly makes the mistake of thinking that a guy who isn't engaging her is not doing so for what are, quite frankly, feminine reasons.  Women play coy with men and they, frankly, like men that play back.  Men don't care for that shit at all.  The men who do it do so because it works, not because they would prefer to do things that way.

Go to a club sometime and see which girls get the guys.  Look at high school kids and see which girls get the guys.  The guys aren't buying "feminine mystery".

One of the biiiiig shortcomings women have in understanding the world is a complete inability to construct empathy from anything except their own experiences.  Women don't spend much time actually thinking about what life would be like for a guy.  Far less, I promise you, than men spend thinking about what life would be like for a girl.  Consequently, women make incredibly stoopid leaps of logic in trying to understand men.  Such as thinking that since women like mystery, men must like it too.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm missing huge pieces of installed software in my brain

This statement on the PUA-ish blog Return of Kings got me thinking (emphasis is mine, not in the original):

If you take a look at Seddit, a forum for the worst game advice on the internet, you’ll quickly come to the realization that men simply want the magic piece of advice to get their dream girl instead of making structural changes to their beliefs or game. 

Seddit, for those not familiar with the map of manboyland, is the seduction section of Reddit.  Reddit is a confusing website that at first seems like a piss poor news aggregator for militant atheists who like cat photos, but is pretty sweet once you figure out how to turn the nobs, shut off the stoopid shit and subscribe to the really cool stuff.

As to the bolded text . . . I've never had a dream girl. Most guys just bounce through life thinking every girl who catches their fancy is The One.  Think about the movie 500 Days of Summer and maybe move on to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for excellent examples of the needy nerd need for the dream girl.  (No one needs to mention the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope here, because frankly I think it's an over-extended argument based on the basic male wish for a girl to be magical in general.)

When I look at women, taken as a whole, I just don't see it.  In fact, I go long stretches between seeing women who even remotely get my attention.  Find the vast majority of women -- including ones that I know on some level to be aesthetically pleasing -- to be dreadful and boring.  The worst part is that I value personality a lot more than the average guy seems to value it.  And, to be blunt, do you have any idea how lacking in personality women -- especially attractive women -- are?  Seriously, would it kill you bitches to learn how to hold up your end of a conversation?

Over the last 5+ years of my life, I've dedicated myself to a methodical process of self improvement.  I've made more money, lost weight, got in shape, work on socializing more, go out more often, etc, etc.  In the process, I read a lot of the stuff that guys involved in self improvement read.  And that eventually led me to Neil Strauss and The Game (great narrative, easy read, fucking terrible advice).  Then of course, I followed that thread to the PUA blogs and on and on.  The options are as endless as the male desire to lockdown that perfect dream girl, or conversely to punish all living women for never letting him have her.

A funny thing happened along the way.  I realized that my issues were not their issues.  These guys were worried about getting any girl to look their way!  Holy shit!  That must suck.  But not my problem.

Game shed light on some of the more interesting mysteries of my life.  Don't ever get me wrong about that.  For example, it helped me understand what the hell why every chick around went on the fritz when they saw me with my very hot college friend Sonya (who wanted more), including a girl who had previously outright rejected me.

The funny thing was that I learned a big chunk of Game from my first big "like" in school.  Playing back when a girl likes you transfers a lot of power to you.  I developed a withdrawn and aloof personal style that sticks with me to this day.

One of the big lessons to absorb about game is that there is no girl who is The One.  Forget that shit.  The next big lesson is don't lavish them with attention.  For the love of gawd don't get all lovey. 
Well?  I had that all figured out after the first girl I went after hard.

But it also became a cancer in my personality.  While other guys running around calling women bitches and snarling at them for not giving them attention, I developed almost the opposite affect.  I ignored and mistreated them for giving me attention.  It's an addiction I still struggle to handle.

Oddly, though, it means there's almost no advice out there in the world for me.  I just exist.  I'm a detached, aloof and pointless human being just floating through the empty space between other people's lives.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

What a beta male failure looks like

This is a story about the husband of a friend of a friend.  Yeah, so . . . mad 14 year old girl talk up in here, right?

Two years ago the lady friend married the husband.  This was several years after her previous alpha male husband -- a fucking karate instructor who died in a motorcycle accident! how's that for an alpha male death?! -- was put in the ground.  She would have been 39 at the time of marriage, I believe.  The new husband was in his mid-40s.

New husband is the kinda stocky, tatted up wannabe badass who goes out an buys a motorcycle.  Mind you, this guy runs a business that's always on the ragged edge of going broke.  He's ugly as fuck.  But, to a person who doesn't know their violent males well enough, he games and fakes alpha pretty damned well

Early on, she started pushing him for beta male providership.  And her son, who is a full-fledged badass just like his real dad, made it known he thought new dad was a cunt from the word go.  Several times I had told him the hubby really needed to up his game and get more aggressive with her, but he didn't.  Less buying, more ass fuckin.  But, guys who posture their bike and their business to get chicks never figure this shit out.

As things deteriorated, he started buying her more shit.  Until he finally started taking money out of the business.  (Huge mistake, BTW, because your business means more than your woman.)  He also started posting really "appreciate the love you have in this world" shit on Facebook.

Can you guess what happened this summer?  Divorce!

It's funny how things like this work.  First off, if a woman has ever gotten any distance with a real, dyed-in-the-wool alpha male, you need to be aware that the only way you can succeed is to measure up to that dude.  Second, she didn't get dumped by her alpha.  Oh, no.  He dumped his bike.  So, she never had to deal with the readjustment of her game following an alpha rejection.  Third, providership is a fool's errand with women.  The only resource women want from men is the seed of strong alpha males.  You can be the most worthless piece of shit among other men, but if you repeatedly tap all the aggression buttons on the pussy machine, it doesn't matter.

Women don't give a fuck if you actually have your shit together.  Watch an episode of Dr. Phil sometime when they have some crazy pitch pining for the guy who beat her.  Then watch another episode where the nice guy is living as eunuch is own fucking house while his old lady is out banging other dudes.  Reality sucks, kids, but that's the deal.

If you decide you want to get your shit together financially, great.  But, you make sure you do that for you, son.  It doesn't mean jackshit to women.  In fact, selfishly keeping your success under control is more arousing to women that constantly trying to floor her with amazing gifts.  A woman loves to know you're successful.  She hates to see you try to leverage your success to impress her.  also, frankly, even if it works, every bank account eventually goes to zero and every credit line eventually will get cut off.  Providers are headed for the exit one way or another no matter what.  So, don't try to be a fuckin provider!

And when the wheels start coming off, don't start quoting lovey poetry on Facebook for everyone to see.  You want a real solution?  Go find a hotter chick, bang her and let it get back to your old lady.  Then when you're old lady complains about it, tell her if she could occasionally do a situp and maybe say no when the McDonald's people ask her to supersize her order, that might be okay.  If you can't bring yourself to do that, then the least you can do is treat her to some rough and ungrateful sex followed by an immediate dismissive gesture to illustrate your point.

The fact is, women measure men based on raw arousal.  You never get to play the game if you don't incite raw arousal.  And women will bullshit you and try to convince you they're not that way.  But, at the end of the equation, they'll say some stupid shit like, "I just didn't find him attractive anymore" to justify following their libido.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to spot a violent man

I think it's fair to say my upbringing carried with it very few real virtues.  Truth is it lent me nothing but a trashy mouth, a shitty attitude and a near non-existent work ethic.  I've spent much of my adult life overcoming those problems.  Or, more accurately, building non-traditional work-arounds to reduce the trouble they cause me.

The one thing I took away from my upbringing was an absolute gift for handling awful situations.  It's not possible to effectively threaten me because I know the art of sorting out the truly violent motherfuckers from the shit talkers.  Even within the subset of truly violent motherfuckers, I can separate the guys who would do something if they had you outnumbered, isolated and fucked versus the truly scary fuckers who will break your face even if a cop is standing right there.

The other night I was standing outside a convenience store chatting up some of the other guys who had struck out.  I had struck out because I let a friend who needed it A LOT take the one girl.  She was hanging on my arm and I slowly nudged her toward him until he could take her arm. The other girl was a cokehead -- not usually my bag unless I'm really stressed and want to have some fun.

The losers' row conversation was going well enough until a college age black kid decided he was going to start shit with me.  Here's the thing: I don't believe you ever have to take a black guy who made it to college seriously.  Ever.  Why, ya say?  Because if he hasn't done enough to get himself jailed by now, he ain't got it in him.

My first mistake was sitting in one of my big, open, arms spread, legs spread power stances that I usually reserve for sitting around women.  You actually have to be careful with that shit, because guys who are looking to challenge an AMOG will take a verbal run at you to test if you're legit.  Likewise, a lot of black college guys with low self-esteem like to play the "oh shit! here comes a crazy black dude!" game with white guys.  A lot of white guys have been raised around senseless fear of black people.  Consequently, a lot of them fall for that bullshit.

Understand, I've never had any trouble in any predominantly poor and black neighborhood in my life.  Not anywhere in Detroit.  Not in DC (before it was swallowed by white real estate developers selling to hipsters).  Not in Baltimore.  Destitute black people get along fine with me.  Punk ass college age black kids, OTOH, are sometimes problematic.  As are pretty much all punk ass college kids.

I can smell killer on another man.  I've known a couple killers in my lifetime.  In fact, I threatened to kill one once (added LOL value: he called the cops on me).  This kid -- all 6'4" and maybe 210 pounds of him -- was not a killer.

First thing I will tell you about truly violent men: they're not talkers.  They break up into two groups.  There are the scary fucking alpha males who go dead silent.  And there are the scared ass killers who will do chickenshit stuff when you least expect it who you can hear the trembling fear and cowardice in their voices.  My brother was the scary alpha male who would go silent.  I'm the same way.  If we stop talking, you need to leave.  Right away.  Shit is about to go down.  The trembling cowards are different, but they still have a clear tell: you can hear in their voice the uncertainty and fear that is driving them toward something awful.

This black kid was all boast.  All "gonna crack your skull if you keep talking".  So, I kept talking.  And he moved away to a spot about 20 feet away from me.  And then he's boasting "your friends can't save you".  I told him none of these people were my friends and none of them could save anyone if they wanted to.  You get the idea.

My basic belief about violence is that you should neither escalate nor back down.  I'm not going to threaten this shithead.  I'm also not going to run.  Fuck him.  Mouthy fucker, anyhow.  Finally, when I do get up, I make sure to walk right toward him.  I get about three feet away and tell him, "If I offended you in any way, I apologize."  He replies: "Your apology's no good here."  I scoffed loudly, said, "Fuckin uncivilized college town", turned my back to him and walked away.

The thing you have to understand is that no one who has been exposed to real violence ever says anything like "I'll crack your skull" unless the other party has already taken real action to merit it.  People who know violence do not court it, least of all with strangers.  The guy who is trying to seem unfazed and cool while overtly threatening you is a fuckin pansies who will fold in a real fight.  He'll throw a big haymakers that misses, because he's never been socked in the gut or punched in the face, so he doesn't appreciate that no one in their right mind tries for a knockout punch on the first blow.  I was already planning to deflect his big right, punch him in the head and then stomp his fucking ankle til broke.  This kid can be thankful he didn't take a swing, because he'd have to get that nifty card they give you so they can pass you through a metal detector with all those pins in your leg.

The worst part?  There was a chick sitting in her car who was giving me the sexy eyes as I walked back to my car.  Damn.  I shoulda stuck around and really infuriated that guy by getting some ass!  (I've never seen a woman who didn't get aroused by me after one of these little showdowns.)  But, I was raised around real violence.  And the first thing you learn from real violence is collect your winnings and get the fuck away from the table before shit goes sour.