About Me - Extended Cut

Why write a blog from the perspective of an aloof man?  I've scoured the internet for advice on relationships and sex.  And one thing that loses me quickly is how much of it written by a certain set.  That set is a group of people who seem to be rather sexually empowered and they tend to come from the social fringe.

There's nothing wrong with that taken in any one blog.  But, there is a decided dearth of discussion arising from those of us who aren't quite comfortable in our skins or who live our lives a little more disturbed by our failures and oddities.  And there's very little at all written from a straight male perspective.

I'm not a professional.  When I speak from experience, remember that my greatest talent gained from experience is detecting the exact moment a woman has hit her threshold of tolerance for my bullshit.

So, what's my story?

Well, as the title suggests, I'm an aloof guy.  I'm that guy that every woman complains about when they talk about men being emotionally closed.  I'm successful.  I'm self-made.  I have "fuck you" money (meaning, I have the kind of money where if I don't like a business deal, the answer is "fuck you").  I'm told I'm a very generous and decent person. Women regularly describe me as "cute".

And if you want a meaningful relationship with me . . .well, you're just shit out of luck.

The funny thing is, I don't imagine myself a bad person.  I certainly don't imagine myself to be a "playa" or a "PUA" or whatever bullshit term is presently used to describe the fevered fantasies of internet pimps not getting laid this weekend or anytime between now and their internment.

But, I've never told a woman "I love you".  And I've screwed enough that somewhere along the way I should have blurted it out during sex.

I don't fall in love.  And I don't mean "I don't fall in love easily".  And I don't mean "I'm waiting for the perfect girl" -- trust me, I've been with too many imperfect ones to make that claim!

Still interested?  Well, that's just fucked up.  But, OK . . .