Sunday, March 23, 2014

Good advice from a PUA blog

The money quote . . .

A girl by herself does not care if you are an inspiring writer, or want to travel the world.  But, she would love to show off to her  friends what an ambitious, reach-for-the-stars kind of guy you are.

I haven't posted much lately, but this reminded me of a first date experience I had recently. I'm a big believer in salsa dancing as a first date. To start with, even if your data flakes on you, you're going to an event that's going to be like 70% female. It shows culture, sexiness, a willingness to engage in fun activities. Salsa dancing is killer. (Also, I'm an NFL-size white guy who people tend to incorrectly peg as kinda of conservative, so it tends to just blow the doors of assumptions.)

Anyhoo . . . my last real first date I went on a couple weeks ago I took salsa dancing. Needless to say, yeah, I closed that deal. But that's not the point of this post.

One of the first things my date did after we finalized our plans was to post it repeatedly on her Facebook wall. Straight up "hah! bitches! I gots me a man to take me salsa dancin so fucks youz!!!" type post. OK, not that loud, but in girl logic, bombing your friends with the great shit a guy does for you is pretty much always a polite way of screaming "ha bitches!"

It's good advice to model yourself into something that she can show off to her friends. I'm not wild about a lot of the PUA advice out there, but it's important to realize that women prefer their male partners to be success objects that they can exhibit to their friends in the form of "ha bitches!"

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sorry for the slow posting

I've actually been off having too much work and too many adventures to really post. Not much has changed in my worldview from those adventures, but a few have reinforced some attitudes that I already had.

When I get a chance, I shall try to fire those up.