Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I get a lot compliments on my sense of style when I'm out.  I have had people at night clubs assume I own the place -- that's an interesting experience the first time someone compliments you on "your club".  One night I was asked by a bad member what record label I worked for.  When I'm more dressed down, people assume I am a bouncer.  I have been asked if I am a bodyguard.  You get the idea.  Unsurprisingly, a tall, physically imposing white guy dressed well is assumed to be a creature of some status.

The irony is I don't do a lot to be stylish.  Which, admittedly, is the irony of style itself: if it looks like effort, it isn't style.

Here is my basic style:

1.  Fashionably worn jeans.  Absolute cornerstone.

2.  Simple black basketball shoes.  Unremarkable.  Go everywhere.  Doormen do not notice that they're not higher-end stuff.  They're black and they're on your feet, so you can get in anywhere and still be comfortable.

3.  An untucked button-down shirt.  I like good shirts.  Whatever environment I'm going to be in, I love a shirt that outdoes everyone there.  Don't be afraid of dark purples, dark reds, yellows, pinks, etc.  Just, for the love of gawd, don't be wearing a pale blue button-down shirt.

4.  Scruff.  This is a personal choice, but I like a bit of scruff.

Optional: some type of coat, suit jacket or blazer.

In the winter, go with a car coat.  If you don't know what one is, watch some December footage of Barrack Obama -- he's a big fan of the black wool car coat.  Why?  Because that shit works.

Once it becomes summer, it's better to go without if it means not perspiring everywhere you go.

Now, I commit one of the great fashion faux pas out there.  I like to pair high-end suit jackets with jeans.  For the Jack Donaghy set, this is a major no-no.  But, fashionable jeans with some Sean Jean lays down a big marker.  You gotta wear and pull it off or you look like a fuckhead.

Here's the thing you have to understand with my style.  My style isn't just a pile of clothes thrown together.  My style is a mission statement.  My style is a declaration of war against all comers.

Think about what a scruffy man wearing a sharp suit jacket with jeans and a nice, untucked button-down is telling you:

1.  I have money.  Probably more than you.
2.  No one can make me shave.
3.  I'm not worried that someone with power over me is going to come along and ask me why the hell I'm wearing a suit jacket but not the rest of the suit.

My style is a reflection of my life at this point.  I have money and I don't owe shit to anyone.  No matter how I dress, I'm going to be richer tomorrow that I am today.  And no one can intervene.  My style is a fuck you to the poor for dressing down and a fuck you to the rich for dressing to perfection and a fuck you to the middle class for having to wear the suit and tie uniform every day.

Yeah, I admit that's pretty harsh.  But style should challenge all comers.  Style should make people wonder just who the hell you think you are.  Anything less is just fashion.  Barf.

Think about your clothes.  Think about who you are saying you are when you wear them.  Who the hell do I think I am?  I'm whatever the fuck I feel like being today.

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