Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What bring y'all here?

This blog is starting to get some real traffic!  Holy hell, people!  (BTW, you could comment more, ya know.)

I was looking at the traffic stats and I was interested to see three particular questions bring most visitors here.

1.  Why do women like aloof guys?
2.  How do you date an aloof guy?
3.  Why are men aloof?

So, let's take a hack at these questions.

1.  Why do women like aloof guys?

I always thought this question answered itself, but apparently there are a whole bunch of needy and eager guys out there who can't face facts.

First, try to think about life from a woman's perspective.  She runs into jackoffs every day who are giving her the "hey, baby" treatment.  Just today I saw a guy in a car literally stop traffic just to sexually harass two chicks who were pushing baby strollers.  Think very hard about the difference between that guy and the more stereotypical aloof guy.

Second, eagerness in sex is weakness.  A man who seems desperate is doomed.  No one wants to screw the person who is acting like this is their last chance to ever fuck.

Third, men with options don't need to pine for one girl.  Girls want men with options, because men with options are ideal sexual candidates.

Fourth, aloofness signals self-control.  Self-control is a key leading indicator in human behavior of success.  People with high self-control tend to do better in school and work.  People with high self-control tend to master skills.  People with self-control . . . well, they have self-control!!

Aloofness is a big sexual signal.  That's why women are drawn to it.

2.  How do you date an aloof guy?

Oh, dear. I wish I knew the answer to this one.

The best answer I can give ya gals is this: work your way into his life if there's an avenue to pursue.  The women who have gotten the furthest with me got there through work relationships, school relationships and other interactions.  The women who've gotten the furthest with me had relationships that did not start sexual at all.

The other option is to just be a sport fuck for me.  Although those never went very far.  But, it's an option.

One thing I'll say about my aloof behavior is that a lot of it arises from the fear that I'm going to pay hell.  I'm a lot easier to be with if I don't feel like the other shoe is going to drop.

Which leads me to #3 . . .

3.  Why are men aloof?

Obviously, I can only speak for myself here.  But . . .  I don't trust.

I come from a tough background.  I have a low opinion of love and relationships in general.  I've seen more than enough bad shit -- especially between couples -- to confirm that bad shit is not something I'm in the market for.

When I say I don't trust, I don't mean I don't trust easily.  Nope.  That implies that at some future point I'll come around if you try hard enough.  I won't.  Don't bother.

I don't trust.

Distance at least screens for the most eager ne'er-do-wells.  If nothing else, if I do let you through, you're committed to whatever scam you got going.  It's not a path to love . . . at all.

Worse, women love it.  Women eat that shit up.  So, why should I do anything different?


  1. "Why am I aloof?" is what brought me here, and I gotta say this entire blog is like my mind talking to me. There might be hope for me, however, as my fears aren't quite as extreme in intensity as yours which is good news!...hopefully

    1. I don't really have anything to add to that, but thanks for stopping by.