Friday, August 10, 2012

A word to the ladies

One thing that has surprised me with this blog is, based on what I'm seeing from the inbound search queries, how many women are visiting the blog.  I don't know why that surprises me, but it does.

Out of the pile, one query keeps popping up.  It is the question of how to ask out or approach a guy.  So, here it is ladies . . .

Just do it.

We guys, we get stuck with the song and dance routine, pissing around trying to impress women.  Women?  If you want to ask a guy out, just do it.

Keep it simple.  We guys?  We're a bit dense.  "I like you" will work quite well.  Throw a "kinda" in there if you want to be a bit more non-committal.

As for those women who are trying to induce a guy into asking them out . . . First off, on behalf off all men, may I just say, "Grrrr . . . bitch."  Second, if you're inclined to go that way, make it brain-dead obvious.  Again, we guys are not always quick on the uptake.  Make sure your clothes and makeup signal sexual interest.  Make sure your eye contact signals sexual interest.  Make sure your conversation signals sexual interest.

When it comes to the issue of sexuality, we men are simple creatures.  Don't complicate things unnecessarily by trying to play girl games.  If you want the guy bad enough, simplify the game for him.

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