Wednesday, February 1, 2017

If I tossed your dog shit comment, that means it was dog shit

Comment moderation is on, people. Make peace with that fact. If I think you're trying some lame ass shit to get me to moderate a comment and show it, I'm tossing it.

My view on dumbfuck commenters is the same as what they tell you about old meat in your fridge: when in doubt, throw it out.


  1. Hi. You've shared some criticism towards the PUA types. But what is your opinion on the MGTOW and the MRA?

    1. I've long been wary of the right-wing tilt of the whole manosphere.

      After the 2016 US Election, I feel very validated because my guess all along is that it's being manipulated to further specific right-wing political actors worldwide.

      MGTOW is beyond dogshit, IMHO. It's basically a celibate circlejerk. No thanks.

      MRA . . . I get the argument, but so much of what the MRA guys are arguing falls under the heading of "good luck with that". Frankly, MRA seems to mostly be angry divorced dudes and their male groupies.

      In general, I'm not a fan of all this crazy shit that perpetuates anger. Nothing good can come of it.

      Like I said, the fact that there's a right-wing noise machine fanning the embers into a fire doesn't make me think better of anything in the manosphere.

    2. are you familiar with the 21 convention , the rational male rollo tomassi?

    3. Not familiar with the 21 Convention. Am familiar with Rational Male. Used to like the blog, but it has slowly gotten more politicized, which just isn't my cup of tea.

  2. So, in your opinion, the manosphere was co-opted by the Right everywhere.

    1. That's probably a bigger statement that I'd be willing to make.

      I think, at least in the context of everyone and their brother using the internet as a political recruiting tool, there's definitely an element of political operatives who are going into the manosphere to politicize and evangelize.

      Is that radically different than, say, what's being done on Facebook and Twitter these days? No.

      I just don't think that dragging confused and desperate guys into that realm is helping those guys in any way. It feels predatory.