Sunday, April 15, 2012

More awfulness in female approaches

One of my recent themes has been just how awful most women are at approaching guys.  Frankly, the vast majority of women, when they directly approach a guy, end up sounding like child molesters.

This weekend's example: "Everytime I see you here you look so lonely."

Like all awful direct approaches, this one came from a chick who was well below the 2-Point Rule threshold.  It was about twenty minutes to closing time.  I just wasn't feeling anything.  And this chick who had been eying me all night decides to go all fuck-it and approach.

Too bad she didn't go with her second pick-up line first, cause it was decent: "What would you do if a girl came up to you and started dancing with you?"

I actually danced with her a bit.  Mostly because I didn't give a fuck and I didn't see any real possibilities panning out.  Her girlfriend came over and the look on the friend's face was precious.  She was looking at us dancing with absolute, OMFG disbelief on her face.  So, this girl's friend clearly knew a major 2-Pt Rule violation was in progress.  But, fuck it, sometimes it's just the thing to do at the moment.

Intriguingly, she only danced for two songs and went back to her previous seat.  I have an emerging theory I'd like to share about this.

Even if a girl directly approaches a guy and even if she meets with some success, she will revert to trying to get the guy to pursue her.  It's just the nature of the human female.  She may signal directness, but she only does this so the male will initiate the chase.  Eventually, every girl wants to be pursued.  How far she's willing to go to get a guy to start is quite another issue.  But, at the end of the equation, she wants him to at least fake a pursuit -- even if she has to provide a paint-by-numbers kit to make it happen.

I wasn't really interested, so unfortunately for her, her dream of being pursued died the exact moment she stopped pursuing.  I know.  I'm a fucking tease.  I let a girl lead herself on for no good reason. 

Forgive me.  It was almost 2am.  Etiquette bends and sometimes snaps or just evaporates at those hours. 

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