Sunday, April 1, 2012

This was an odd weekend for flirting

I actually like this first chick's move now that I've had some time to think about it.  I was standing at the bar, waiting for a bartender to take my order.  This chick, who is like shorter than 5' tall cuts in front of me, facing toward me and says, "Oh, I guess I just cut in front of you."  She then proceeds to chat me up and even throws out a good game line in, "You wanna fight?"

She was looking back her vastly taller friend.  So, I have a suspicion this started as some kind of "bet ya don't have the balls to . . ." plan.

I wish I dealt with surprise moves by women better, because in retrospect, that was a cool ass move.  And I didn't say much, except, "Yes, ya did."  She was short and had the dyed blue hair and the half-shaven mohawk look.  If you read my blog much, you'll know I like a girl who's a bit punked out.  A confidently odd demeanor also go a long way with me.  Unfortunately, I flubbed the whole thing by just being quiet and continuing to look for my bartender.

Someday I'll learn how to deal with that shit.  I lose too many good opportunities because I can't turn on a dime emotionally and take an opening like that and run with it.  This all pretty fresh, about two hours ago.  So, I'm smarting a bit.  And feeling like a moron.

Now, this second case . . . I dunno . . . sometimes I think women just weigh too much importance into the notion that all men are crazed sex fiends.

This chick does the more proper female orbit approach.  For reference and more detail, this is what I'm talking about.  I was sitting by myself at a table next to the wall, near the dance area.  She comes by and leans against the wall, between me and the dancing people I was gawking at.  I know immediately what it is, but I'm still trying to process my tiny punk girl's approach.  Also, this chick was a bit old and overly-tanned for my taste, although she was basically attractive

She does this for about five minutes.  Notably, that exceeds the time I propose in my post about women's orbit approach in game for how long a guy has to react.  So, already, she's trending into gameless territory, which seems to be a scourge among the slightly older MILFs on the make.

Frustrated, she sees her friend dancing nearby and joins her.  She ten slowly works her way from her friend back over to my proximity and dances a bit maybe six feet in front of me.  She then tries to go back to the wall and lean there.  But, then she very suddenly and aggressively snatches her coat and purse and utters to her friend, "Fuck this, I'm leaving."

One thing I will say is that nothing puts me off harder than a woman who thinks she's hot shit.  Also, I always find off-puting the overly heteronormative view that all men are required to respond instantly to sexuality from women.  I'm not a fan of the classic "I did my hair and I wiggled my ass, so now you're required to make your move" theory that many women still possess.  I also thought just storming off, without her friend, was exceedingly tasteless.

Again, as I said last night, someone needs to start teaching women some game.  A big part of game is the notion that you can't let your emotional state get trounced by your target.  If you get blown out, you get blown out, so what?  And for women, this is rarely the case.

Now, I understand that modern sexual moorings are at odds with how women are hard-wired.  When a woman approaches a guy, even in the lazy orbit approach that most prefer, she feels weak and exposed.  Worse, she knows she breaking basic rules of the game.  She's essentially using an overly aggressive move to game the game.  It's an eight man blitz with no safety help over top.

But, ladies, if you're going to respond explosively to being blown out, you need to just find a corner and go fucking hide instead of actually trying to approach guys.  It's extremely gameless to blow up about a failed approach.

Worse, from the ladies' end of game, a failed approach has the potential to pan out later.  Sometimes a guy just needs some time to process and buy a clue.  I mean, if I can find the tiny punk girl again, I'm gonna hit on her for sure.  She was cool about it and that gave me a safe place and some time to think about it and form a positive opinion of her.  The MILF on the other hand can just go fuck herself.  Blow-ups are never cool and blowing up because of a stranger who is under no obligation to validate you is just plain ignorant.

I don't know.  The more I go out and the better shape I get in, the more women worry me.  Modern American women are broken.  Whether it's feminism, technology, the removal of lead from the drinking water, longer courting periods .  . . whatever . . . something has fucked American women up badly.

Sorry to bash on y'all, ladies.  I've just had some weird encounters lately.

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