Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to Be Aloof With a Man

I see this one is surfacing again in the search queries.  About once every three months this seems to happen.  As a public service, we must once again address the single dumbest fucking question a woman can every ask:

"How Can I Be Aloof Around a Guy?"


Were you able to follow along there?  Being aloof around a guy is a dumb fucking idea.  And you are a dumb fucking person if you try it.

I get that girls aren't wild about openly approaching guys.  I appreciate that is a basic fact of nature.  But, at least conform to the basic rules of how girls approach guys.

Being aloof -- ignoring a guy in order to attract him -- is a dumb idea.  If he's attractive and he knows it, he is looking at other options besides you!  If he's attractive and he doesn't know it, he's gonna need a little help from you realizing you're serious about your interest in him.  And if he's unattractive -- well, you're gonna have to build him a paint-by-numbers kit to explain to him that you like him.

Female aloofness is a no-win plan.  Don't do it.  Ever.


  1. It works for me, but then again, I'm not like that on purpose.

    1. A woman's comportment, unless it is highly off-putting, makes little difference.

      Playing aloof with guy merely extends the game unnecessarily if you're clearly interested in the guy.

  2. Thing is I'm not interested in a lot of people(MEN AND WOMEN), yet they keep approaching me. The few people I am interested in, act shocked when I approach them. Apparently, a girl isn't supposed to do that to a guy? I was blunt and asked my bf out, apparently women don't do that?

    1. That is the norm. Boys approach girls.