Saturday, November 16, 2013

The core difference between men and women

There are more than few differences between the genders, but the big one, in my experience, can be summarized in the phrase "You go girl!"

Despite the fact that, from everything I've ever seen, women are vastly more competitive with each other than men are, women are basically validation sponges. Female peer groups engage in a perverse system of saying "You go girl!" to each others' faces while constantly knifing each other in the back.

Men are almost the complete reverse. Male peer groups basically brutalize each other face-to-face while secretly being supportive. Men will beat each other down for laughs, but when there's really something at stake they can pull it together and cheer for each other in order to accomplish something.

Consider this scenario for each gender . . .

A friend has had a long sexual drought. You haven't. Someone hot comes along and the friend is clearly in with said hot person.

How does this play out if you and your friend are men looking at a hot chick? Men will pull together to ensure the guy in the drought gets the hot chick, by hook or by crook.

And if it's women? Fuck you, pig-friend, and fuck your drought too! The chick who isn't in the drought is going to torpedo her unfortunate friend with everything she has in the hope of taking the guy.

In truth, this is why men run the world. There simply isn't anything close the idea of Man Law on the female side of the equation. Guys look out for their friends. Hell, I've passed on sure ass just to let guys who were more of acquaintances have a shot. There is a Bro Code. There is no equivalent Ho Code. The female view is basically "fuck you, darling, I have the goods and I can get the guy".

At the same time, women are constantly sponging adulation from their friends. In fact, every female peer group has a queen bee whose sole reason for being is to soak up support. And the friends around her take their lumps in order to be "in" with one of the cool kids. The great female fear is being left without peers, even if it means being eaten alive on a daily basis by some group of vile bitches who are secretly cheering for you to fail. Somehow, apparently, enough "you go girl" cries make up for those wonderfully specific moment where some bitch will take your man.

And that, at the base of the problem, is the difference between men and women.


  1. majority in the world play according what is socially accepted....

    Men can sleep around and dont get bad name while women no matter america or uganda is always called slut

    Even an ugly man can get laid at teh end of the day , god bless human trafficking rings created by your BROS while a woman has to have the minimum looks to attract someone.

    A lot of women are after so are today's men. Why do you think suddenly 30 year olds and 40 year old women find date or get laid? It has never happened in the past....a lot of it has to do with the money and the appeal that comes with it.

    A man glorifies his bad deeds and are always in gangs....while whatver a woman does is because she is a ho,bitch and a whiner
    Most women are looking for life partner no matter how crooked she is...but most men are looking for just sex so he wouldnt mind sharing..Will you let your friend bed a girl you wish you could bond with???

    women nag while men shout - if i had your voice i would only shout and you owuld do the nagging if you had my voice.

    A man is never kidnapped or raped or gangraped by women while going for date.With 1/6 th of your physique and stamina and looks (which can only be inherited to please you) whatelse do you expect..

    Had a woman been laid the number of times you had been ...she would be called names and top it her friends will also labelled with similar name but for you thats a score....

    1. "most men are looking for just sex so he wouldnt mind sharing..Will you let your friend bed a girl you wish you could bond with?"

      I'm a pretty arrogant son of a bitch. I may want to bed a lot of women, but I want other guys to stay the hell away from all of them.

    2. thats what!!! its just a matter of intention.

      I dont see much difference between cunning men and wimen , they are made of the same thing. Once you find a girl for yourself and that too a very beautiful one whom none of them have ever had..u will see bros real colour.The Alpha man will not tolerate it...mark this...

      When my colleague found out that her husband was nasty she asked one of her friend to test him and he fell for it. She let her do that to confront him and by that time she was done with him and wanted proof to produce in court. A couple of years back she was all worried about him....we will share once we are done or dont care...u go girl ....