Thursday, November 14, 2013

Slow posting

Of late I've been focused on making money. Sorry for anyone who has been hoping to see some fresh posts. Honestly? Even the times I've been our lately have been largely uninteresting. Shit, even the drunken fights that I'm always a fan of watching at 2am have been watered down of late.

When I'm in a stable patch, the really good stuff never happens. The fun stories always arise when I'm sick, tired, broken down completely and limping to the finishing line. That's always how life works for me. I had pneumonia the only time I ever had a threesome! I swear women find me vastly more attractive when I'm dragging ass, wheezing and on the verge of dying. Don't ask me why. I assume it's psychological, since it runs contrary to basic evolutionary theory.

So there's not much to say. On the bright side, the winter flu season is upon us. So that could be a hoot.


  1. Lies. You were being aloof and ignoring us so we could stop orbiting your blog and post a comment. Well guess what, it worked!