Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Easy answers to easy questions

OK, another post triggered by reading the traffic stats for the blog.  This gem:

"How to make an aloof guy ask you out"

Answer: stop playing and just ask him.  I know women have an almost cat-like form of foolish pride.  I know that women almost demand that a guy ask them out, even if it means making increasingly embarrassing voertures to induce him into it. 

But, come on. 

If you really like a guy so much you're willing to try to game him, just cut the shit and ask.  Or at the bare minimum, if your feminine dignity will not suffer asking a man out directly, just sit on his lap and tell him he looks like a movie star.

Women overplay this shit.  If you want to play the coquette, go for it, ladies.  But don't complain when you and your dildo are spending another night together thinking about that fabulous, distant boy you desperately want to fuck.

Don't let nature get in the way of your happiness.  Cut the bullshit and take what you want.  The worst that will happen is you will fail.

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