Monday, September 24, 2012

Women who keep beta males as pets

Something I've noticed lately when I'm going out is that a small number of women seem to keep a beta male as a pet. 


Well, let me illustrate . . .

Example One

There's a chick at one of the bars I frequent that is friendly toward me, but I'm not going to give her the time of day.  Bluntly put, it would be a two point violation.  She's a bit dumpy and dresses like she's the head coach of the New England Patriots.  And she wears her hair overly long, like she's a 10 year old with femininity issue.  Nice girl.  But, not gunna happen.  The 1990s are over -- don't expect to get laid pulling that shit, ladies.

There's a guy there who has been playing what can only be termed some serious beta male long game with her.  A couple months ago it was dancing monkey game, followed by pretty overt rejection by her.  This weekend he was up to creepy old man game, complete with attempted lower back rub.

The funny thing is, she likes to play push-pull game on him, even though it's very clear her finally answer is to push him away.  She'll let him lean in, but when he starts working the lower back, she'll smack him away.  And if he gets too insistent, she just abandons him to talk to her friends or goes to the bathroom or whatever.  At one point she abandoned him to go make out with a bull dyke and did not come back.

In short, she likes the attention, but he don't get no pussy.  His dignity does seem to have a cut-off.  This weekend, he finally gave up about an hour before closing time and just left.  So . . . there's something to be said for the guy.  Not much.  But something.

 . . . and a second illustration . . .

Example Two

A different chick.  Cut, mid-20s, blond.  On most guy's scale she'd be a 7.  She comes into the bar (the same damned bar, BTW!) several months ago with a guy friend.  He's dancing with her, but not grinding.  He follows her like a lost puppy.  She ignores him.

They're both dancing and she keeps making eye contact with me while she's doing this.  I blow her off because, frankly, I fucking hate chicks that collect beta males as pets.  It's disgusting and unfair.  Plus, I'm disinclined to blow-out some poor loser in front of his dream girl.  I'm not mean enough to do that.

Eventually after a couple failed passes at me, she retreats to a table.  I'm sitting at my table, texting a friend my observations of this weird couple.  From behind me, the guy comes up and hands me a beer. Oooooh-kaaaay.  What's this, you ask?

He says it's from the chick he was dancing with!!!!!!!

I've seen some shit in my lifetime.  But this was a first.  She had sent her pet dancing monkey beta male over to me with a gift.  Wow. 

Again, I don't humor this shit from women.  So, I told him to thank her for me and called it at that.  Or, so I thought.

I should know better.  If a chick's crazy enough for a guy that she'll deploy her beta helper monkey in service of her hypergamy, she's in deep estrus.

About ten minutes later, she sits down at my table.  Helper monkey is still in tow, of course.

She says some damned thing.  Basically "Hello, blah blah blerg."  Then she says she noticed what I was drinking and that's why she sent over the beer.  She offer a clank of the beer bottles type of toast.  I comply and then go back to texting, telling my buddy about the fucked up chick are her fucked up guy talking to me.  She says something and I pretty much ignore her.

So, he disengages, goes a few feet away and dances for me.  I ignore her and she finally gives up.  Helper monkey clearly senses this and resumes monkey dancing for her.  Thankfully, the end of that episode.  I don't want to have to adopt a beta male helper monkey just to bed a horny chick.


Something I've learned is that some women like to keep a beta male around for the attention.  And at least one apparently uses her beta male as an assistance dog.

Of course, these guys are playing the loooooooooong version of the long game.  If I stick around long enough, surely one night she'll have a moment of weakness and fuck me.  Or she'll see what a great guy I am.  Or whatever.

The funny thing is, in my experience, what these chicks really do is orbit alpha males and then fall back on their beta males for an ego boost when the alphas blow them out.  And these guys are so beta they go along with it.  Hell, in some cases they fucking facilitate it.  And provide table-side service.

But, why do women let this go on?  Why not have the decency to just tell the guy to fuck off?

I'm not a big fan of the theory that these girls are just being nice.  A woman seeking sex is a monster to guys she doesn't deem worthy of her babymaker.  Most women will just call the beta males creeps and trash on them until they either go away or blow up and get tossed out by the bouncers.

The women who keep beta males as pets are assuaging their egos.  They want that boost.  And if some hanger-on is dumb enough to provide it, so much the better.  They want the alpha dick, but they need something to make them feel better all the nights they go out and don't get it.  So, they adopt a beta male as a pet.

It's weird.  And I won't even say it's common.  But, it's out there.  It's a thing.  It happens.


  1. maybe he was gay.

  2. Nah. Gay guys get right in there and pal with their female friends. The reluctant guys with female friends are always herbs who've been friend-zoned.

  3. It's just as you said, it strokes her ego, so why should she get rid of her pet? You could call it narcissistic supply if you may. I think some guys do the same thing as well. Like the ones who dig bitches but ultimately resort to the easy ones before their narcissistic supply falls too short.