Monday, September 24, 2012

What eye contact at the bar or club means

One thing I want to get across to all single guys out there is this little idea right here: women do not just aimlessly look around at guys in a situation that is strongly equated with sex.

So, if you are at a bar or club and a girl is giving you repeated eye contact, it's a signal.  Pure and simple.

How can you tell?  How can I know for sure it's not something I'm mistranslating?

Because women will not risk having some random weirdo get the wrong idea.  Ever.  If a woman has any doubts about your flirt-worthiness, she isn't going to chance giving you the wrong idea.  So, if you see her at the end of the bar or across the dance floor or three tables over, and she's making eye contact (or pulling the patented look away when you look trick), then you're in.  Go for it.  All the lights on the board are green.

In a setting where the sexual tone is clear, women don't chances on sending false signals.  It's just that damned simple.


  1. If a dude does this, what does it mean?

    1. Eye contact is a pretty straight-forward concept for both genders. Non-verbal communication through eye contact is highly specific to humans and serves obvious purposes.

      I will say that guys can roam their eyes in a little more chancy of a manner . . . men are more willing to take their chances with hooking the wrong chick than women are with hooking the wrong guy. But that has more to due with appetite for risk than with the actual meaning of the action itself.

  2. what about if it's in somewhere other than a club