Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Caribbean male prostitutes can teach you about women

One of the big differences between men and women is that women generally prefer a well-constructed lie that enables their behavior while men almost universally prefer a straight transaction.

Case in point: old British ladies not admitting to themselves that they're sex tourists. (HT: Alpha Game.)

Even when the truth is so fucking painfully obvious that it verges on self-parody, women prefer the lie.  This is why men struggle to understand women.  Women actually want to believe that they can fuck a hot foreign guy thirty years younger and thirty pounds lighter than them, give him economic benefit and that somehow this does not constitute prostitution.  They actually tend to call these guys their boyfriends.

Think about that for a minute.  The one thing that has to be said for the average John hiring a female prostitute is that at least the transaction is straight forward and no one has illusions about what's going on.  Sure, there are guys who really, really, really, really wish the whore was a GF.  But the most smitten John that ever lived is still far more realistic on average about the transaction that the average female who frequents as a sex tourist.

I love The Dr. Phil Show.  It's basically the closest thing to beta male provider porn you can ever watch on TV.  A nice, successful old Texas Christian who kisses his completely fucking useless wife's old ass spends day after day listening to nasty middle aged women either applaud their old man for caving in her orbital socket or trash him for trying to feed their kids.  It's basically every terrible thing the right wing manosphere says put on full fucking parade.

More on topic . . . I can remember this episode where this chick was talking about her internet BF from South Africa.  She's never met him in person.  She's wired him north of $100,000 over two years or so, IIRC.  The whole time Dr. Phil is exasperated and begging her to face reality.  And she never really breaks from the fiction that she's in love and her boyfriend in South Africa just needs some help straightening out some business stuff.

FUCKIN REALLY BITCH?!?!?!?!111?!?!?!?interrobang?!!?!?!?!?

In that context, suddenly the broads flying to Negril to get a piece look sensible.  At least they're actually getting the dick before they hand over too much cash.

Here's the money item from the article:

In 2001, research based on 240 interviews with women on the beaches of Negril and two similar resorts in the Dominican Republic suggested that almost a third had engaged in sexual relationships  with local men in the course of their holiday.

Of those 80 women, nearly 60 per cent admitted there were ‘economic elements’ to their relationships, but they did not think of themselves as sex tourists, or their sexual partners as prostitutes.

Only 3 per cent said their relations were ‘purely physical’, and more than half considered them to be about ‘romance’.

Understand what this tells you as a guy who may want to seduce a woman.  Identify her core lie -- her internalized dream -- and mindlessly drill that motherfucker until it is numb.  Whatever is the great romantic lie she tells herself, it is your mission in life to mine that motherfucker and bring it to the surface, polish it and put it on full display.

That may sound a bit sociopathic, but it's also the damned truth.  There's no reason you have to abuse that to exploit women -- although you certainly can if you're so inclined, or just happen to be a Dominican kid in need of a buck!  You could also just decide to use that to become a more understanding partner better adapted to her emotional needs.  That's also worth a try.  You are allowed to use these powers for good -- remember that.

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