Friday, April 12, 2013

An interesting query from the logs

I was reading through the site stats and I ran across this very interesting question: "would you date an aloof guy"?

My knee-jerk reaction, as an aloof guy, is to say "no".

But, then I think about the alternatives that are available to women.  And I start to think maybe that answer is a bit too terse.

Hmmm.  It's a tougher question than I'd like to think.  Of course, part of the problem is that I read that question as "Would I date me?"  To which the answer is a resounding "Aw, hell no!"

I think one the problems a lot of women in general have with men arises from their unwillingness to make peace with the idea that when they go off trying to date a man, they may end up with a man.  Modern American women, in particular, have been steered toward some really bad ideas.  They've been told a whole bunch of shit that runs counter to both biology and simple reason.  They've been told to look for a soft, sensitive soul mate who is also a millionaire entrepreneur and a firefighters and who rescues kittens, has a PhD and can win in a bar fight.  In truth, women are looking for a fucking unicorn.

Biology tends to tip women toward seeking the more masculine aspects of the male.  And then they complain that their man acts like a man.  But, of course, if you're a guy and you try to tone the manliness down . . . well, good luck with that, sunshine!

That brings me back to the problem of dating aloof men . . .

Let's break it down into its pieces:

1. You're obviously attracted to him. 

2.  These men things often act manly.

3.  You may be attracted to the manly thing.  That's probably what you like.
4.  Aloof beats douche-y!
5.  Stop overthinking.

In fact, fuck it.  Let's just call "stop overthinking" the official answer.  You like him.  Try it out.

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