Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I think I badgered Google into getting my point

I've been checking the search terms today and I noticed that my all-time personal worst "please make it stop" query has stopped appearing: how to be aloof with a man.  (BTW, the answer is DON'T.)

On the downside, it occurs to me that Google is doing a good job of eliminating this blog from the list of places where you can find an answer to that question.  That scares me a bit, because it means the Google algorithm is driven more by self-perception than is healthy.  Apparently, the algo is a yes man.  Ick.  That can't be good.

On the upside, I don't have to see that damned query anymore!

Sorry, it's just a subject that makes me really shake my head.  I can't imagine in what universe a woman would think ignoring a guy would work.  Men are visual and driven to take.  You're either in our line of sight and drawing our interest or you might as well not exist. 

If you're not going to put yourself right in the gunsight of a man, you might as well not even bother trying to game.  If you really wanted to game a guy, you'd grab his hand, stick it on your tit and ask him if he's too gay to appreciate a nice boob.  That would be a killer way to game a guy.

And, yes, I realize women don't like being forward.  So, in the broader context what I just said in the previous paragraph is a joke. Although it would work . . . just sayin'.

But, as a girl if you want to game a guy, engagement or orbiting are your best options.  And, yes, I get that we aloof guys are tough quarry to hunt.  But, you don't have a lot of options.  Playing distant or playing girl games with aloof guys is abject failure waiting to happen.  Forget trying that shit.

Aloof guys are driven by their emotional distance.  They value their personal space.  They aren't going to just let you come into their lives.  That's not how aloofness works.

That leaves you only one real option: aggressive engagement.  Possibly even repeated aggressive engagement.  Trying to game him into taking a shot he doesn't want to take isn't going to happen.  You're going to have to open up the bag of goods and convince him you're worth his time.

If you don't like that, then you probably needs to find a different type of man.

So, in conclusion . . . thank you Google for getting the point.  I think.

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