Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Holy wow!

I rarely link.  Bear this in mind.  And I also rarely link anything PUA, "manosphere", etc.  Bear that in mind.

For your consideration: this gigantic bucket of holy fuckin wow.  Posted at Roissy's blog. 

If you're not familiar with Roissy, in my humble opinion, you're not really familiar with any thing PUA, seduction, men's rights, etc.  Certainly, you're not familiar with anything that represents the political right wing of all those elements in modern male internet subculture.

As to the linked story, it's a breakdown of this old chick's hagiography of her bygone alpha male lover.  Definitely make sure you click through and read her version, too.  I'll link it direct here for your perusal.

First off, you know you're about to hear some shit when you hear an opening paragraph like this gem:
He was easily the most handsome and intriguing-looking young man I had ever seen in my life. Dark, brooding and with a hint of world-weary danger, he was a cross between a 19th-century decadent poet and a Hollywood heartthrob.

Holy fuck.  An adult woman capable of writing in full sentence chose to write those two full sentences.  Seriously.

If ya ever want to know why a fairly liberal guy such as myself would ever want to read a lot of the right-wing manosphere stuff, it's shit like that right there that keeps me coming back to the well.  However I may feel about how I wish the world were arranged -- FTR, I'm comfortable with a world where men and women occupy different roles -- it's hard to get past the number of women out there who engage in hormonal swooning over alpha males.  Simply put, it is not possible to examine the female of the human species without accounting for this issue right here.  I don't give a shit what your politics are (mine, BTW, make me an old school American FDR era Democrat).

If you read through the whole article, basically this chick drones on and on and on about how for a couple weeks in college she got her girl parts drilled by this uncaring asshole and how she never got over it.  As in, she let it fuck with her marriage so badly she ended up at a therapist about it.  I mean, if you're versed in women's lib (I was fucking baptized in women's lib, BTW) reading this woman's relentless, swooning hagiography of her now-dead long gone alpha male lover is painful.  I'll be honest: even if you are a dyed-in-the-wool woman hater, reading this woman's hagiography of this dude is painful.  Hell, even if you take no stance and just think words should be used to convey meaning, THIS WOMAN'S HAGIOGRAPHY OF HER DEAD ALPHA FUCKSTICK IS PAINFUL.

Reading it through my own filter

As an indifferent, aloof man, reading this woman's overly long story of how she overly longed for this guy's overly longness just . . . I hate biology, because I wish I could just find some sort of gay relationship with a straight-acting man and completely divorce myself from a reality where women like this exist.  Ugh.  I acknowledge reality.  It doesn't necessarily mean I am reality's biggest fan.

This gem right here got me thinking . . .
From then on, we started a sort of relationship. We would meet at parties and other functions — at which, I have to admit, he paid me scant attention. But I would interpret any little crumb of affection or interest as undying love on his part.

The emphasis is mine. 

Typing this, I had to go through the archives to find what in my own writing seems like the perfect counterpoint.  And then I found my own gem from my own treasure trove:
Things with J went like this off and on for two years.  I used to give her all kinds of vulgar, degrading nicknames and she took them as terms of endearment.  In truth, she stuck as long as she did simply because she was persistent.

One part of me wants to feel like I'm a complete bastard for writing that.  I probably am.  But, given where I am at now, mentally and emotionally, it's hard to feel a lot of compassion for the average lovestruck young female.  It is difficult to feel pity for anyone who would actually let a "lover" give them overtly vulgar nicknames and never call him out for it.  Seriously?  What the fuck is wrong with you?!

And while I'm engaged in the very gauche act of quoting myself, fuck it, have another:
The next weekend, she resumes orbiting and eventually works up the nerve to approach me.  She approaches with something to the effect of "We talked last weekend over at the bar, blah-blah-blah."
Remember this fact guys: once you're in a chick head you are living there rent-free until the very day she dies.

Truth is, this is why I struggle to take women seriously.  I have never had a serious, intelligent romantic conversation with a woman of breeding age.  Dick makes women retarded.  Correct that: Alpha dick makes women retarded.  Beta dick makes women treat a man like he's retarded.

It's so fucking rinse-and-repeated.  If I had a soul, this shit would be soul-killing.  People (and by people, I mean entirely just the women who know you) tell you that it's OK and there's a One Out There For You.  Bullshit.  When you see how women behave -- and OMFG to read that article at the beginning of this post -- it's impossible to believe there is One Right Woman for Me. 

No.  Fucking.  Way.  Does.  Not.  Exist.

Once you have watched a number of women -- each separately and self-interestedly in pursuit of alpha dick -- it simply becomes impossible to believe in them.  And gawd forbid you are ever on the receiving end of the attention a woman lavishes upon a man she deems to be a potential alpha male suitor.  At that point, you will start to struggle to take even your mother seriously.

There just comes a point when you see the human female in pursuit of the human male where it all becomes some tragic cosmic joke.  It becomes an indictment of humanity's professed intelligence.  It just becomes fucking pathetic.  And soul-killing.

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