Thursday, June 20, 2013

Girls losing weight

If you've read much of this blog, one thing you will begin to realize about me is that I get off on watching women fuck their heads up trying to figure me out.  I don't mean that in any kind of playful way.  I mean it the worst kinda "throw her in a pit and watch her suffer" way possible.  It's probably the central conceit of my existence.

If possible, I like to keep track of the women who have been in my life long after they've suffered enough and moved on.  Since women are nice enough to not really understand what the fuck ever happened in their relationships with me, I generally am in a position to observe them from the role of some kind of friend.  Plus, people tell me lots of shit they shouldn't.  So, friends of friends make wonderful resources for deep mining LOLs and finding examples of further self-torture on my behalf.  In other words, just my kinda kink.

Lately, I have noticed a trend.  Almost every chick who has given up and moved on from me ends up losing weight.  And not a single one has ever put on weight.  Not even the ones who married and had kids.  The ones who lost weight started doing it right away.  And not one started dating a guy who was better looking than me.  In fact, most went down the scale more than a full point.  In other words, almost every chick who has ever been involved with me decided to get in better shape and aim lower.  Even if you expand the circle to those chick I never gave any play, you can only pick up a single chick who put on weight, and none who went for a better option.

As you can imagine, my inner narcissist was eating this shit up, once I started thinking about it.  Every chick I have ever been involved with -- at least of those I can still keep tabs on -- decided to up her game and lower her target after dealing with me.  In short, I broke every fucking one of them.  :-P  Every chick who has ever been with me has done her best to improve her game and lower her target option.

Yeah, that makes me happy.  I admit it.  I am a broken motherfucker.  There's something perversely appealing about the idea that, for women who escape my orbit, I represent peak alpha.

Women like to give me shit, right up until they see I am serious about leaving.  The problem is, I don't make idle threats.  And I don't do blackmail.  Once I get up to leave, I am gone.  It's no longer negotiable, in my mind, because I don't want to live my life bouncing from one conflict to the next. 

You absolutely cannot reward a woman for caving to your demands.  If she makes the mistake of forcing you to take action, you burn everything to the ground and you shoot all the hostages.  Otherwise, you will get caught in an endless cycle of childish drama.  She will do stupid shit to instigate your alpha behavior.  You threaten to leave.  She caves.  Rinse and repeat.

Fuck that.  That's no way to live.

My approach is simple.  I see drama, I leave.  End of fucking subject.  When she asks why I am leaving, I tell her because I don't intend to live my life that way.  When she offers to cave, I still just leave.  If I do decide to take advantage of her caving, I then proceed to fuck her and then I leave and it ends there.  All she gets to show for it is a hollow, used feeling.

So, yeah, you see how I am still single.  I don't stand for women's bullshit.  And I am more than willing to torch a relationship at the slightest sign it might be inconvenient for me.

And you know the best part?  Guess who she blames for it?  Herself.  I've had a few conversations with chicks that amounted to "Why did things turn out that way?"  Or its even funnier version, titled "Why are you so mean?"  Or, a personal favorite of mine, "I woke up and you weren't here."

If a chick ever throws you one of these lines, it's a total fishing expedition in the hope she can reconnect with you.  It's probably easier for me to have a convo like that, because I am committed to thoroughly burning bridges with no intent of ever returning.  She can feel free to talk to me from her side of the river.  Don't ever expect to be standing on my side ever the fuck again.  For guys who are a bit emotionally softer than me, all I can say is "Good luck with that; it's not going to end well, because you can't reward a bitch for causing drama."

I know, a lot of women are shaking their heads at that idea.  "You can't lead your life without forgiveness."  My answer?  Yes, I can.  Because, I don't care if I die alone.  You're an accessory, not a necessity, in my life.

I can remember one chick who decided to use refusal of sex as leverage against me.  Big fucking mistake.  I don't suffer emotional blackmail at all.  In my book, emotional blackmail is a default lose  for a chick.  The minute it happens, I am fucking gone.

As the conversation rolled along, it became clear she figured out what a mistake it was.  She admitted she should have done things my way.  I told her she should remember that when she pisses off the next guy in her life.

One thing I have always hated about women is how comfortable they are trying to game men.  You can tell they get away with this shit all the time.  They never think I'm serious when I go to leave.  And then I leave.  A couple days later, there's the "Hey . . . thought about it" text.  As if I give a fuck.  By that point, I've deleted all your nude pics from my phone.  Hell, I've probably deleted your number.  Women only pull this shit because men let them get away with it.

That's why it interests me what a chick does afterward.  I find it fascinating that their response is to lose weight and aim lower.  Apparently, once a guy gives a chick a thorough emotional abandoning as the reward for making drama, she will decide to tighten her game and open her options.  I'd kill to know the relationships these chicks are having, to see whether they're pulling drama on these guys, too.  From everything that comes back to me, most of these chicks dial it the fuck down a lot.  But, relationships are hard to gauge from the outside.  So . . . ya never know.

Roissy, who is the mad emperor of the militant, nationalistc, right-wing PUA blogosphere, pimps an idea I firmly believe.  He calls it "five minutes of alpha".  The basic idea is that women will take a couple minutes of an alpha male in their life over a lifetime of thoughtful providership, no matter how shitty the alpha male may actually have been

Anyone who has ever watched Dr. Phil will know what he means.  The dude who breaks his wife jaw will have her sitting there pining for him, even after he has moved on.  The dude who is begging his wife to keep shit together will have him sleeping on the couch, no matter how good he is to her.  I'm not advocating breaking a chick's jaw, but you're living in la-la land if you never realized how widespread this problem is.

I don't really ever enter or exit relationships.  One thing that I know women positively fucking hate about me is the lack of definitions every encounter with me has.  I don't do dates.  I just go out and things happen.  I never say "I love you" (as in, I have never ever said that phrase to a chick in a romantic context).  And I don't do break-ups.  I just stop texting or seeking you out. 

You never have a moment you can call the first date.  You never have a moment you can say, "That's when I knew we were in love."  You never know quite whether it ended when it ends.  It just ends up being the realization, a few days later, of "Oh . . ."  You know when you first fucked me and that's about all you walk away with.

And the woman's solution to me is?  Get leaner.  Aim for a man she can nail down.

Lessons for guys?

First, you can overdo alpha.  That's pretty much the story of my entire sexual life.  Women push me.  They eat the emotional bruises.  I walk away without any offer of repair.  It's a formula for permanent bachelorhood.

Second, women do learn.  But, only if they have been torpedoed by an alpha male.  Men learn from success with hot chicks.  Women learn from failure with alpha males.  That's how the sexual marketplace arrives at final price settlement.  Women that always succeed with alpha males never learn.  Men who always fail with hot chicks never learn. 

Third, women are aware of their weight as a factor.

Fourth, women are aware that pissing a man off is a bad idea.  They just have gotten so used to pushing men around that they're dumb to the idea they can push a man they want away by trying to game him.  Worse, they have learned the terrible lesson that they can easily lure him back if they push him too far.

Fifth, live life on your own terms.  Everyone is going to die alone.  You're not going to see ten generations of your progeny.  There is no heaven and there is no resurrection.  So, don't let other people's shit fuck your shit up for the one life you do have.

The next time you see a chick say no to a cheeseburger, think about the nice man who probably walked away from her with no explanation.

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