Monday, July 1, 2013

"Self-sufficient" is a huge red flag in online dating profiles

Something I am slowly learning from my odd forays into online dating is that some shit is just a really a big red flag.  Today's case?  "I am self-sufficient."

Let's be clear.  If a chick lists something you would expect an able-bodied adult to handle on their profile as if it is some kind of fucking accomplishment, that's a problem.  The chick who says she's self-sufficient like it's a major point of pride is basically admitting she a fuck up who can barely get through each day without a DUI citation.

Let's be clear, again.  Life does not award you any points for basic shit you're expected to do.  Feeding yourself is expected.  Not being a burden upon society or your family or your friends is expected.  Paying your bills and staying out of jail is expected.

Get it?

If you think any of those things is an accomplishment, your parents made some serious fucking mistakes raising you.  And you need to focus you energies on real personal growth, rather than asking the world to clap harder for your meager accomplishments.  Life sucks.  Getting out of bed and pulling your shit together enough to not starve sucks.

No one is required to give you an award for shit.

If a woman acts like she deserves credit for not being a mess, it means at some point it her life she was an absolute trainwreck.  In fact, it means at some point in the future that bitch is going to have a relapse and be a trainwreck again.  Do you wanna be around when that shit hits that particular fan?

I think not.

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