Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some of the best Game-related advice I've seen posted in a while

Teach Her Something

This takes me back to my college days, when my best success with women always came from from study rooms and computer labs.  One thing you have to appreciate is that most of the human race and the vast majority of women are submissive.  If you guide a woman through something, it instantly buys you alpha cred.

I have said before (and will repeat it again) that the great female sexual fantasy is essentially a supportive and non-judgmental big brother with sexual benefits.  She wants you to protect her.  She wants you to guide her.  She doesn't want you to tell her.  And she definitely doesn't want to have to tell you.  That is the great female sexual fantasy in sum.

The "teach her something "approach is a great first step toward fulfilling that fantasy.

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