Thursday, August 8, 2013

What a beta male failure looks like

This is a story about the husband of a friend of a friend.  Yeah, so . . . mad 14 year old girl talk up in here, right?

Two years ago the lady friend married the husband.  This was several years after her previous alpha male husband -- a fucking karate instructor who died in a motorcycle accident! how's that for an alpha male death?! -- was put in the ground.  She would have been 39 at the time of marriage, I believe.  The new husband was in his mid-40s.

New husband is the kinda stocky, tatted up wannabe badass who goes out an buys a motorcycle.  Mind you, this guy runs a business that's always on the ragged edge of going broke.  He's ugly as fuck.  But, to a person who doesn't know their violent males well enough, he games and fakes alpha pretty damned well

Early on, she started pushing him for beta male providership.  And her son, who is a full-fledged badass just like his real dad, made it known he thought new dad was a cunt from the word go.  Several times I had told him the hubby really needed to up his game and get more aggressive with her, but he didn't.  Less buying, more ass fuckin.  But, guys who posture their bike and their business to get chicks never figure this shit out.

As things deteriorated, he started buying her more shit.  Until he finally started taking money out of the business.  (Huge mistake, BTW, because your business means more than your woman.)  He also started posting really "appreciate the love you have in this world" shit on Facebook.

Can you guess what happened this summer?  Divorce!

It's funny how things like this work.  First off, if a woman has ever gotten any distance with a real, dyed-in-the-wool alpha male, you need to be aware that the only way you can succeed is to measure up to that dude.  Second, she didn't get dumped by her alpha.  Oh, no.  He dumped his bike.  So, she never had to deal with the readjustment of her game following an alpha rejection.  Third, providership is a fool's errand with women.  The only resource women want from men is the seed of strong alpha males.  You can be the most worthless piece of shit among other men, but if you repeatedly tap all the aggression buttons on the pussy machine, it doesn't matter.

Women don't give a fuck if you actually have your shit together.  Watch an episode of Dr. Phil sometime when they have some crazy pitch pining for the guy who beat her.  Then watch another episode where the nice guy is living as eunuch is own fucking house while his old lady is out banging other dudes.  Reality sucks, kids, but that's the deal.

If you decide you want to get your shit together financially, great.  But, you make sure you do that for you, son.  It doesn't mean jackshit to women.  In fact, selfishly keeping your success under control is more arousing to women that constantly trying to floor her with amazing gifts.  A woman loves to know you're successful.  She hates to see you try to leverage your success to impress her.  also, frankly, even if it works, every bank account eventually goes to zero and every credit line eventually will get cut off.  Providers are headed for the exit one way or another no matter what.  So, don't try to be a fuckin provider!

And when the wheels start coming off, don't start quoting lovey poetry on Facebook for everyone to see.  You want a real solution?  Go find a hotter chick, bang her and let it get back to your old lady.  Then when you're old lady complains about it, tell her if she could occasionally do a situp and maybe say no when the McDonald's people ask her to supersize her order, that might be okay.  If you can't bring yourself to do that, then the least you can do is treat her to some rough and ungrateful sex followed by an immediate dismissive gesture to illustrate your point.

The fact is, women measure men based on raw arousal.  You never get to play the game if you don't incite raw arousal.  And women will bullshit you and try to convince you they're not that way.  But, at the end of the equation, they'll say some stupid shit like, "I just didn't find him attractive anymore" to justify following their libido.

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