Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Three mistakes women make when interpreting men

I posted an item just before this on the topic of "do guys prefer girls who are mysterious?"  (I'll save you clicking the link.  The answer is "fuck no".)

I don't really begrudge women their total inability to read men.  Why?  Because at the end of the equation, the game is so thoroughly configured around the guy approaching the girl that you cannot honestly expect women to have enough practice approaching men to be even remotely effective at it.  Frankly, the game atrophies women's approach muscles.  Life is a very "use it or lose it" proposition and women are pretty much never asked to use cold approach skills.

This of course leads to the obnoxious propensity women have for trying to induce aloof men into approaching them.  They'll walk past you.  They'll orbit around you.  They'll try to frustrate you into opening them.  They'll sit right next to you and stare at you like a low-functioning psychopath.  They'll do a lot of dumb shit while maintaining the plausible deniability that generally goes with being a girl interested in guy.

This leads to a lot of mistakes.  Let's just list them.

1. Thinking he's into you when he's not

Women do this a lot.  Or they over-rate how interested a guy might be in them.  This can get very out of hand, because some women simply don't know how to let go once they've become enamored with a guy who isn't reciprocating.

Likewise, women tend to get very hot for attractive guys who are not instantly all over them right away.  And this leads to trying to sucker the guy into making a big demonstration of interest to satiate her ego.  Women don't like a guy not being interested in them, even if they in turn intend to then reject him.  This is where the claim that women are cock teases and attention whores comes from.  That claim floats out there, because frankly it's fucking true.  Women will tool a guy just to get the validation of him no longer ignoring her and then decide to take revenge on him by ignoring him.

And women will orbit like lost puppy dogs around a guy they like.  Women looooove the idea that deep down that distant guy has some really dark, scary reason he can't love her and if she can just show him the light, his beautiful soul will come pouring out to her (preferably from the end of his dick, thrusting repeatedly for about ten to fifteen minutes). Nothing quite fires a girl up like the image of a distant and attractive loner who just doesn't know how to love.  And, of course, you can guess whose job it is to teach him.  That's you, sugar tits.  Duh?  Who else would it be?  One of Those Other Bitches who doesn't know to love him like you do?  That's not how love works at all, right?!

Well, guess what ladies?  That's a mistake.  And you're going to piss away way too much of your life trying to make something happen where nothing is going to happen.

2. Thinking there must be a valid reason the guy can't act on his burning desire for you and that's the real reason he's not approaching you

Women rationalize why an attractive man will not approach them.  Remember, as I've said before, women have a score of themselves inside their head, and they expect your behavior to conform to how previous men like you have treated them.  This is a commandment of my blog: how she rates herself matters more to her than how you rate her.

The thing is, when you fail to conform to her model of male response to her, she doesn't just jump to "oh, I guess I lost a step, maybe I should put down the Kripsy Kreme and go a run a mile".  That's what a man would do.  That or just called her bitch and go home and have a good cry while calling other losers faggots on Xbox Live.

Nope.  A woman will create a rationalization.  Take the chick who blurted out "You're married" to me when things got too intense on the dance floor.  I had tortured her for weeks with my aloof approach to women and finally threw her bone by giving her a cocky smile and some hardcore dirty dancing.  She couldn't take it.  Not "are you married?" or "you've gotta be married".  Flat out "you're married".  For those who haven't read the blog, not only am I not married, I've never even been anywhere close to marriage or any other kind of long-term relationship!

The thing is, women never ever consider an explanation that exceeds the parameters of their present ego state.  If she thinks she deserves you and you're not doing what she wants you to, she will invent an explanation from whole cloth.  This chick, after weeks of trying to figure out why I wouldn't hit on her had decided I must be married.  Women insulate their egos from reality by rationalizations that amount to, "I'm attractive, so there must be a reason why I'm not getting the man I dreamed of."  This is where "guys are pigs, jerks, sexists, assholes, etc" logic starts.  Whatever reason guys aren't giving her what she wants doesn't actually matter to her.  Her ego must remain intact.

That said, ladies, it's a mistake.  If you're not getting the results you want in life, you should shut the fuck up and change your game.  Anything else is delusional and just perpetuates the same mistakes that are ruining your happiness.

3. Listening to other women about men

Nothing confuses all men more than wondering why the hell women listen to their competitors.  Let's be clear about something: no woman can ever have a healthy conversation about a man -- EVER! -- with another woman.  This includes your mom, your grandmother, your best friend, and your favorite sister.  They are all your competitors and they will undermine you at ever turn either to land your man or stroke their own egos.

My oldest niece, who is basically a daughter to me, is an attractive girl.  In fact, she's disgustingly close to being My Type.  She's married to a good man.  But her good man comes attached with as egotistical of a mother as you can imagine.

His mother is the typical gross, overly athleticized 40+ chick who will not just accept she has not only hit The Wall, but that little bloody pieces of whatever previous feminine charm she may have possessed are splattered all the fuck over The Wall.  She is engaged in a never-ending sexual affair with a married man who will not leave his wife.  In fact, in a monument to harem control, his wife actually picks him up from his mistress's  place!!!!!!  I've had to give her an extra dose of aloofness and ignoring, because she's made her interest in me known even though I find her positively repellent (broad shoulders, narrow hips, too tan, too leathery, small tits, mean-spirited drunk, no joy, awful parent -- Not My Type).

My niece suffers the ill fortune of having to listen to this woman tell my niece (5'3" tall, 115 lbs, full C cup, 36" ass) that she needs to get skinnier.  My niece has a fully formed ego.  Bitches can't tool her, I promise you that.  As the primary male role model in her life, I made fucking sure she grew up to be the kind of woman I'd actually want to marry.  She is fully aware that you don't let Other Bitches tool you for the benefit of their own egos.

The point here, ladies, is make sure you know that.  Don't listen to Those Other Bitches, because they're the competition.  They will tear you the fuck down in a heartbeat if they think you're close to doing better than them.  Don't let their fake ass offers of friendship fool you.  When it comes to their own egos and and the cocks their egos craves, women are never friends.  The same chick that watches your kids and feeds your cat will fuck your shit up in a millisecond if you cross the wrong side of her ego.

All advice women ever give you about men, your own appearance, your ego or your sexuality should be considered nothing but the fruit of a poison tree.


  1. well said ....so true. but there is competition among men tooo like fallen casanovas or men who breaks into fight, its all jeaolousy.you are spot on about women but you are biased. in a man's world(means no democracy) a woman is trash or incubator or invisible or something he wants to get before his friends get it and she lll lie there like a toy which lost its charm

    1. This blog is ultimately written for a Westerized audience. For good or ill, we're not really talking about events that are occurring in a man's world.