Monday, December 30, 2013

Advertising stuff and contact

I've decided at long last to make sure this blog is 100% free from advertising. I believe I have successfully cleaned all genuinely commercial links and ad blocks from the site, but . . . if you find one, please report it. Truth be told, I don't think the content here really should be commercialized, but thanks for trying push that on me, Google.

I also plan to add a way to privately communicate with me here. I'm seeing some search queries that are indicating that people wish to talk back but may not be wild about publicly posting comments. It will probably just be email, since I can't think of anything else that really does the job of keeping all the communication off the web. I'm open to suggestions if anyone knows the newer social media services well enough to point out a usable system beside email.


  1. Yes, email would be awesome. As far as suggestions goes, Facebook, Skype???

  2. Kinda sad this never materialized.

    1. Based on some other experiences I've had with websites, I opted to avoid email. You end up getting a lot of people who either think you're a therapist or someone who can help them complete their homework assignments.