Sunday, February 3, 2013

My foray into online dating this last month

Usually when I don't post for a while it's because I have nothing going on.  This last month has been quite the opposite.

I decided to get serious about online dating.  I posted new profiles on OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish.  Made an actual effort: I put up a picture and started messaging.  So far the yield has been good.  Three dates total (two from OKC, one from PoF).  Two more pending dates.  A number of good convos that could yet lead to dates.  I'm trying to pace myself, so it's hard to juggle all the options.

Here goes the story of the first date.  The others I will add later.

First date (from OKC)

Marlene is a stylist.  Cute redhead with fairly short hair.  30 years old.  (For those not keeping score at home, I'm 34.)  I messaged her on OKC.  We hit it off a bit.  I pressed for a date and got one.

We met up for drinks around 11pm on a Thursday night.  Convo was good, but I anchored most of it.  A little annoying.  But, no dealbreakers.

We go out to the parking lot.  I push for a kiss and she obliges.  Then the makeout session gets heavy and long.  No sex.  She says she needs to get some sleep.  I text her when I get home because the weather was bad (it's an etiquette in the wooly north).

A few days later I messaged her with something cute saying I liked her.  She instantly shut that shit down, rewording my statement into a cutesy fuck-off.

No explanation.  If I had to guess, she was a bit shocked about the makeout.

So, end of that one.  First online date accomplished.  Good makeout.  Odd fuck-off.

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