Friday, February 22, 2013

My fourth date from online dating

OK, "date" might be a bit too tight of a term here.  I messaged this chick on OK Cupid based on the theory of "fuck it, let's see if their match percentage thing is worth a damn".  I had two top matches (both 94%).  This chick was a student, age 23.  The other chick was . . . I don't know . . . I'm gonna say middle school art teacher who seems like she does drugs, but in fact is just high on life.  So . . . 23 year old student it was!!

We message for a couple weeks.  Killer convo.  Out there intellectual shit that I love.  Per my usual relations with women, she spills her guts to me.

Along the way, we kind of arrive at the conclusion we might both just be fellow perverts looking for play friends.  So, we decide rather than a real date, we'd meet at the bar, make sure things check out and then go back to her place.  So, that's what we did.

I'll admit this one represents a bit more of an experiment than I was planning to get into.  How?  In our discussion of our perversions, she puts forward that she's a domme (a dominant female).  Now, my entire life, I have never encountered a truly dominant female.  So, I figured, what the fuck, let's see where this goes.

Let me tell you upfront: being dominated is not for me!!  A woman smacking me in the face and trying to push me around is not for me.  My right shoulder hurt for a week after our encounter.

The worst part is I know I could have reversed roles with her and she wouldn't have minded.  I didn't.  A few times I reversed her physically -- in the wrestling sense -- just to let her know the score.  But, otherwise, I just let her play it her way.  In truth, I'd put her at the low end of my range of acceptable attraction.  Plus, to be honest, she has some older issues (daddy issues) that didn't make me comfortable taking over in our first encounter.

So, we put in a couple hours together like this and then I go home.

We text over the next couple days.  Then, one night, I hurt myself pretty badly.  When I say badly, I mean badly enough that I had to pack a blood-spewing wound with paper towels and then get medical attention.  I remember texting her about it and she showed me almost zero sympathy.

At that moment, I knew this shit was done.  I didn't like her playing domme.  I sure as hell didn't like her lack of sympathy for a serious injury.

In truth, I learned a lot about myself from this brief encounter.  For one, I ain't a sexual submissive in any form!!  Two, I appreciate the female for being a nurturer far more than I ever thought before.  When I'm hurt, I want her to give at least half a fuck about it.

I didn't even bother messaging her after that.  And she let the line go dead.

So, end of fourth online date.

For those keeping score at home: one month yield four first dates, zero second dates and a whole bunch of bullshit.

My verdict on online dating?  I'd sooner have my fingers removed one-by-one without anesthesia or pain-killers.

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