Thursday, February 21, 2013

My third date from online dating

This one came from Plenty of Fish.  I'm told from folks who know these things that this is some kind of grand achievement, that PoF is apparently a wasteland of broken souls who will never love again.  In other words, people just like me!

She messaged me first.  She was actually someone I was thinking of messaging, but hadn't gotten around to.  Her first few messages were the kind of shit men who write about Game constantly drill about women.  She pretty opened with a shit test in her first response to my reply: something to the extent of "I thought you'd be funnier".  I blew that shit off with "I didn't know I was supposed to be your dancing monkey".  Deflect and lay blame (lightly) at her feet.  Then I said something to the effect of "I didn't expect you to be so terse".

Shit test passed, we conversed.  And conversed.  And conversed.  She absolutely spilled her guts to me.  Bad childhood.  Terrible mother.  Terrible father.  Boyfriends who wronged her.  Entire life story.  She also really keeps flopping over the idea that she's worried she's not up to my standards -- whatever the fuck that means when you're talking to a single man! 

In other words, a fuckload of red flags.  But, I'm used to women spilling their guts to me, so it's not a red flag that really gets my attention until things really start to go south and I think back to "oh shit, I guess that was a red flag I should've noticed".

She completely wrecks our attempt at a first date.  She runs two hours late, attempts to bring a whale friend, and then the whale friend diverts her from our choice of bars as I'm coming to the bar we selected.  Then she claims to have lost her phone.

I left her a nasty voice message to the effect of "enjoy being a cat lady, loser".

Apparently, calling a chick who can't get her shit together a loser and a future cat lady works.  We eventually do pull together a date.  Dinner, relocate to bar.  Boring but not awful date.  Some major makeout and then she says she has to leave because she has to get some sleep before a long trip.

Yup . . . this bitch had some game herself.

So, we text the next week and she really escalates shit.  Nude photos.  Graphic sexy texting.  The works.  But, we end up having scheduling issues pulling together a second date.

Finally, I just ask her flat out whether she's serious.  And that's when the replies stop suddenly.

I have a suspicion her issues center around self-worth and also enjoying having a man blow up on her.  She seemed to have a natural gift for shit testing and a relentless need for blow ups followed by apologies (the version I've provided here of events is a very, very abbreviated version).  She also several times seemed to hint she didn't feel she was worthy of me.  Eventually, I just got tired of trying to execute backflips just to make her feel like I might be attracted to her.

So, end of third chick.

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