Thursday, July 25, 2013

Compromise is dangerous and stupid

This post is about life in general.  Compromise has an undeserved good reputation in this world.  Of course, the idea is that you ought to go along to get along.  We should all strive peace and co-operation and high fives and eventually everyone gets to go out for ice cream.  Or some stupid shit like that.

You know what compromise really is?  Compromise what happens when the finance guys at a car company come in and tell the engineering guys that the marketing team says they have to keep the price of the new car below $16,000 or else the car won't sell to young drivers.  And what ends up being the result?  So, the subframe gets changes, the motor gets pussified and eventually the whole thing becomes an expensive coffin with a voice-activated bluetooth system in the dash.  A $17,000 car that will sever off your fuckin legs the first time you bump into a shopping cart.  That's what compromise gets ya.

The real art of being a man is to know when to walk the fuck away.  Blow the bridge, kill the hostages and leave empty-handed.  We may not have won this round, but we're sure as hell not going to die fighting on someone else's terms.  Fuck that.

Worse, compromise is the gateway drug that hooks you on a yes ladder.  It's that first yes that's going to fuck you up.  It's the easy yes, the yes made as a fair compromise so you can play nice with others, that will kill you in the end.  Against a skilled opponent, you're going to be yessed to death. 

Think about World War II.  The French should have just said fuck it and bombed Germany back into the Stone Age in 1936, when the bastards invaded the demilitarized zone in the Rhineland.  But, it seemed reasonable to let the Germans of the hook.  It was, after all, their land.  Of course, the Germans used the industrial output of the Rhineland to build a gigantic military powerhouse.  But, ya know . . . no biggie.

Against a committed opponent, you will get yessed until your back is against the wall.  And then you kill him or he kills you.  Only, to make it funnier, he's been gaining the superior position every time you said yes.

Even in everyday life, compromise fails.  Decisions need to be made.  Fully formed decisions that ensure things work.  Compromise rewards hostage taking and incentivizes bad behavior.  You can't lead a full life when you compromise.

Compromise: not even once.  Unless you need to fake it.  Or you're using it to hook someone on a yes ladder.  But, that's some high-level skilled sociopath shit probably best left to the professionals.

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