Monday, July 29, 2013

Why so aloof? Sometimes my attention is, ahem, elsewhere

This is another edition of "Why so aloof?" that is more about recent stuff than old stuff.  I don't really know how to preface this one, so I'll just kind of throw it out there.

I was at the bar on a weird night last night.  There were two wedding parties and a frickin class re-union taking place all at once in the bar.  I usually don't stick around in these circumstances because it's hard to really vibe on groups that know each other well.  Particularly, the guys who are pushing up on the chicks they haven't seen in a while can be very problematic if an outsider moves into the group and tries to play.

That's exactly what ended up happening.  There was this chick there wearing this amazing form-fitting, full-length dress.  Really showed off her ass well.  Plus, it was just an amazing piece of fashion.  Good fashion sense always gets a rise out of me.

She had been giving me a bit of the orbit /  not-accidental accidental push up girl game.  Problem is, there were three different guys from her re-union that were pushing up hard, too.  I could take any of them in a fight, but they looked like they were bros.  And, frankly, the one guy was giving me the eyes for eyeing the chick.  That's a sure sign of potential violence.  Muscle betas can be a bad fucking racket when you're trying to chase women.

So, I let the orbit go.  But, I kinda didn't.  In fact, I spent most of the evening distantly orbiting hoping for the muscle betas to flame out.  Because, frankly, muscle beats usually do flame out.  Horror of horrors, none of them get close to closing.  None of them properly flames out.  Slow burn failure.

She gives me a couple looks here and there, but it's pretty clear to me this is a scenario that leads to an asshole striking me in the back of the head backing his bro up.  So, I idiotically just keep orbiting at a distance.  Oddly, the guy who got the closest to closing with her doesn't even leave the place with her.  Instead, she opts for the most beta one in the group.  Grrr.  Missed opportunity.  But, fuck it.  I have a good instinct for bad scenarios and this one just felt like there was no play that didn't end with some shithead jumping me.

Thing is, I kinda see this blond orbiting around the whole time.  She's giving me the distant orbit, but it's clear she likes me.  Solid 8, but dressed very demurely.  Normally, she'd pique my interest, but . . . damn that ass and that tight dress!

So, I end up giving the blond an extra dose of aloofness, because my dick has other things on its mind.  And my mind and my dick are having a very interesting convo about whether killing a guy in a fight is worth a piece of ass that I won't get to enjoy if I kill a guy in a fight.  Dammit.

Funny thing ends up happening in the blond's favor.  Everyone has been ushered out of the bar.  People are milling around.  Miss Ass & Dress is gone.  A different part of the reunion party is outside yucking it up.  And the blond just parks herself a couple feet to the left of me while I'm leaning against the outside wall of the bar.  Clever girl.

Someone in the reunion party says something I just had to smack the fuck down hard.  These fuckers were in their twenties, bitching about how old they are.  I had to lay down the LOLs on that one.  Clever Girl takes this opportunity to let out a laugh and join in picking on them with me.

Eventually, everyone scatters and its just me and Clever Girl in the parking lot chatting.  She's getting a little testy, so I decide to just move in and kiss her unannounced.  She does the classic lifted leg and leans into the kiss.  We get a good make out on a couple times and a lot more convo.  We keep bouncing between make out and convo until the rain finally scatters us an hour later.  She says she needs to get some sleep before work.  We make arrangements to meet in the future.

I gotta say, I think Clever Girl might have something to offer for the Girl Game playbook.  There's something to be said for the "park yourself near him and seize the first opportunity" play.  It's a good approach.  It maintains the core tenants of Girl Game, that she's not really hitting on you.  Sher just happens to be standing there when you get all whitty and whatever.

I rarely do Social Circle Game.  Aloof Dead Eyed Psychopath Game is really my wheelhouse.  But, it is interesting how easy it is to pull together an impromptu social circle, dominate it and then bounce into things with a girl.  I get so used to women being disappointed if I drop out of full psychopath mode that I forget there are women who end up pleasantly surprised that the dead eyed guy does have some social game.

Point to Clever Girl.  Girl approach worked for once.  In large part because she saw an opening and seize it.  I'll be interested to see how, if at all, this one pans out.

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