Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why so aloof? Serious bitch face bothers me

Every now and then the perfect storm of opportunity forms for me to rightfully ignore a chick I don't feel bad about.  It's rare.  On balance, most women that try to dig on me probably deserve some points for trying and caring.  This story is from this weekend, BTW.  So, unlike most editions of "why so aloof", this edition is not a personal history item of any value to me.  I'm putting this one out there for guys as evidence of how crazy effective it can be to just brutally ignore a hot chick.

I'm out at what is, by far, my best bar for success with women.  I'm sitting in the middle of the bar section near the dance floor.  I'm facing the floor with a good, open, dominant seated stance.  Legs spread wide, arms spread wide and leaning back against the bar.  (For those of you taking notes, you're gonna wanna write all that down.)

This chick comes along and she is on. Tight jeans, sleeveless shirt with a cut-out back.  Nice, big ass paired with a narrow waist -- just the way I  like them.  About 5'8" tall.  Dark hair.  She looks like she belongs on a hispanic themed porn site.

I have always been good at spotting women who would sleep with me without much trouble.  She's one of them.  She's on her cycle.  She's looking around for a guy.  She wants to dance and she is determined to not go home alone.  In short, she's just the kinda gal in the market for the dead eyed sociopath.

When I really don't like another human being -- I mean that instant dislike -- it's always easy for me nail down what it was about. With this chick, it was super easy.  She had the meanest, bitchiest bitch face I've seen in a long time.  She looked like a supporting character from a bad inner-city gang movie.  She'd be the tough, Michelle Rodriguez type hispanic chick that dies in every James Cameron sci-fi movie ever made. (Avatar?  Aliens? We're looking your way.)  Only with none of the coolness and a double helping of bitchiness.  When I say bitchy, I mean this chick looked like she just shit her pants.  Angry "don't fuck with me" bitch face.

So, she keeps working her way slowly toward the dance floor.  She's scanning the guys.  I'm actually kinda stuck on creeping on this wedding party that came in, because two of the girls there looked fun -- both ended up being married with their husband present, so that's a big no-go.  Whatever.  I just really hate the bitchiness on this girls face.

The bitch chick parks herself about three feet in front of me and to my left.  She turns her back to me and does nothing.  A couple guys orbit past her, try to dance and nothing happens.  This is classic girl game.  I'm parked here looking all hot, now you have to come and get me.

She's hot shit and she knows it.  I know it, too.  She's my type, physically.  If this chick were in a porn, I'd have zero problem jerking off to her being fucked in the ass without lube.  I just don't care.  Refer back to past posts on this subject.  I hate that shit so freakin badly.  It's unfeminine.  A little bit of doubt is sexy as hell in a woman.  A load of angry, forceful confidence is disgusting as fuck.

Bitch face decides to park herself directly in front of me.  A little wiggle, but not much.  She's still turned away.  She's still not giving guys much play.  She'll dance a little and then kinda push them off.

There's a "too old for this shit" old chick sitting to my right.  She's having a hiliarious time getting up every now and then for a grinding by a group of young guys who are just yucking this shit up.  So, the old chick gets up and goes back for a second round.  The minute she's gone from the seat, bitch face moves into that slot, but doesn't sit down or order anything.

She's kind of quarter turned toward me, but still looking straight out on the dance floor.  I continue ignoring her.  So, she starts dancing harder and does the not-so-accidental butt bump into my arm  several times in a row, just a few seconds apart.  If she were a guy gaming a girl, I'd give her high points for how tight her game was.  But, she's not.  I keep ignoring her.

What can I say?  A woman's energy does a lot more for me than it does most guys.  If a chick is emitting negativity and hate out into the world, I'm not interested in her.  No matter how hot a chick is physically, if she lacks a feminine personality then I'm out.  Forget about it.  It's not gonna happen.  I can't imagine why women should even exist if all they're going to be is men with tits.  It's an affront to nature.

So, she opts for what I can only describe as one of the more interesting ploys I've seen in a while.  She fakes a fall as a pretense for putting her hand on my knee!!  Worse, it was a very poorly executed fake fall that ends up looking like a reach because she doesn't actually fall or put any of her weight on my knee.  Poor girl.  She's been reduced to creepy old man game in under two minutes.  She quickly picks her hand off my knee.  I continue ignoring her.

Her next move I'm not 100% about.  She decides to move into the dance floor space about five feet directly in front of me.  She humors a few guys but settles on a dude who is about -2.5 below her on the SMV scale.  I'd probably rank him a bit lower, but he was gaming hard as a motherfucker, and that's worth points for added dominance displays.  She's not giving him any real play.  And she's laying the bitch face on very hard now.

I'd be intrigued to hear other people's opinions on this one.  Was she just taking a breather to recalibrate?  Was she trying some form of jealousy game?  Or maybe a basic "hey, look, I got options so you better get in the game" social proof kinda game?

So, she does this for about five minutes and then finds her way back to the seat next to me.  The best she can do this time is a brush of a pinky finger against the elbow.  I'm still completely ignoring her.  In fact, she's not even in my field of vision even though she's only two inches away from my right elbow.  She barely makes it a minute before she decides to rejoin her dancing monkey -2.5 guy who is gaming her hard as fuck.  She definitely get more involved this time.  She's done with me.  She didn't understand what happened, but she's not going home alone tonight and that means she can't waste time on a guy who isn't even acknowledging her existence.

Dead eyed psychopath game

I've complained before that having the dead eyes attracts the wrong kind of women.  I knew the second I saw this chick how this was going to play out.  I know the look of the girl who wants a dead eyed psychopath to fuck her stupid in her car outside of the bar.

The bitch face girl had zero clue what to do.  She had spent every arrow in her quiver.  I stood in front of him and it didn't work.  I wiggled in front of him and it didn't work.  I rubbed up against him repeatedly and it didn't work.  I faked an accident to get his attention and it didn't work.  I tried to show him other guys wanted me and it didn't work.

I knew before she even saw me that she was going to do this.  If there is an SMV 8+ chick in the bar and all she wants is some dead eyed psychopath to ride her hard, she's going to walk past every guy in the place and park herself right next to me.  I knew it the second I saw her.  And sure enough, that's exactly what she did.  Worse, in this case, I knew the second I saw her that I didn't like her.  Snotty bitches who think they're hot shit are not attractive to me.  Even if they have full Latin exploitation porn bodies.

The problem with having had a few really great moments with women in your life is you get really good at recognizing what isn't going to be a great moment.  I've never enjoyed a single moment with an angry woman.  Not a woman who is truly broken and bitter down in her soul.  I can get my dick off without having to swim in those waters.  After all, there are a thousand girls just like her on every cam site on the web.  Every one of them able to provide the exact same dead and soulless experience.

Whatever the case, Mister -2.5 got to leave the bar with her.  Whether he had it in him to finish the deal I'll probably never know.  I like to think he did.  But, experience tells me he didn't.  Those guys usually end up standing around at some convenience store two hours later trying to talk her into sex, not realizing she wants more aggression and less gabbing.

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